Dan is garbage

I dont even know why they created this character. He is by far the most useless character in any fighting game. What a mockery of Ryu. :lame:

he was created as a mockery of art of fighting
now you kno…

i disagree dan and excellent character if you know what your doing and dan is not a ryu mockery he is a mockery of Ryo and Robert from Kof

dan isn’t bad. try ratio 2 K groove dan… his QCFx2 kick super takes massave fucking damage…

whoa buddy we dont bash dan, he really isnt meant to be a serious character he is meant more of an embarrasing tool. u use dan to embarras people

Dan actually has his own moves and is a competent character in CvS2. I actually play him regularly. The only useless character is one that you cannot play ^ ^

What a great thread!!! I’ve learned so much…:lame:

The title of the thread is , actually, not click here to learn a lot. We are just stating that Dan is not garbage.

I only use Dan to beat really crap players or if I’m feeling cocky.

I like taunting all the time just to piss my brother off.

Then I can say “Ha Ha sucker I can even beat your ass with Dan!”


I never liked dan suit color so i changed it.Heck when people think there gonna be me i mess around with them and pick dan and beat the $**T Out oF Then so u don’t never know what u can do before u give it a real good chance.

they drained most of his stats into his taunts and build up his other moveswith the scraps. Dan does have a great stand Fp and Fk and a good Aerial Fk.They mostly build up his supers.What they did to him was the opposite of what they did to akuma an E. ryu. on them they knocked down all their defense and bumped up their quickness,priority, and speed.And out of them they made a lot of broken moves(evil ryu’s Dp and his Akuma’s aerial fireballs).

Put Dan RC moves he will be a decent character.

Need some C-Dan strats :tup: