Dan is Blanka's dad?

Hi, is it true that Jimmy’s mother had sexual relations with Dan and thus Jimmy was born? Or, is Jimmy’s dad a deadbeat that knocked up his mother in a back of a burger joint (Maybe the very one featured in IV) and left to leave poor Jimmy’s mother to raise him by herself? :frowning:

Thanks. :shy: I know you might think this is a joke thread, but think to yourself where is Jimmy’s dad and is he maybe one of the other SF cast members? :sweat:

From wikipedia:

Dan’s father, Gou Hibiki, was a rival of Sagat. Gou gouged out Sagat’s eye and Sagat beat him to death in retaliation. Because of this, Dan sought revenge on Sagat, training to become a fighter, but was expelled from Gouken’s dojo when his motivations were learned. Dan thus developed his own fighting style called Saiky?-ry?, “The Strongest Style”, despite the considerable lack of power in his techniques.

While Dan has had intercourse with Blanka’s mom, Years of intense Saikyo training have left him unable to father children (much like the immortals from Planet Zeist in Highlander) so Dan Hibiki is not Blanka’s dad


So Gou is Blanka’s grandfather? The fuckin’ plot thickens.

SVC Chaos says, mr.Karate is Dan’s dad, or something like that.

Oh lol. slaps self. Ignore my previous post. I somehow misread the first post.

The fuck? Why would a character from another series be his father? O_o?

Dan is a knock on SNK from the oldschool dude. He has Robert’s head on Ryo’s body with a nurfed move set. Takuma is Ryo’s father, so SNKP is implying that Dan is his retarded brother. A joke backstory for a joke character. He’s much more than just a crappy Ryu.

I know that, I just dont see why they would say that. SNK is stupid…

Blanka’s mom is hot.

Wow…I’m stupid that I didn’t realize this earlier. This is basically how you troll a newbie thread. Just post something HUGELY irrelevant.

On that note…Dan makes some stupid kids. :lol:

For real.

Your are Blanka’s Dad it’s your gamertag.

Dan has five nuts so this is possible with Blanka having electricity and all…

I don’t get it.

It’s not a joke. Some of us have five nuts. Actually I’m just drunk and wanted to derail something and this seemed irrelevant

Blanka was conceived during a gangbang with the hulk and chris evans.

Wow is this really a question?


Incog, just joking around dude. But, it’s kind of strange the deal Dan and Blank have going on. They even be wearing each others outfits in SSF4. :lol:

Sorry for this silly question, i did not mean any harm. :shy:

You must combine my PSN and 360 Tag to get the real meaning.

Blanka’s Dad Got Game:chat:

Blanka is about the same age as Dan so no.