Damaged USB port breaks my pelican converter? HELP :[

Hi! Well I recently ran into a pretty annoying problem. I was running out of usb space in the back of my computer and the usb ports in the front never worked but I thought I fixed them the other night while I was installing a fan. Apparently I didn’t. The first message that pops up when I connected it into the broken USB port was "USB Device Not Recognized, One of hte usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message, I do.

Now it shows a list of the USB Root Hub’s (10 Ports) has my USB mouse and junk and then it has all the unused ports and then the bold “Unknown Device” I double click that and in Device Status “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems” (Code 43)

SO now I was like… hmm w/e unplugs converter then plugged it back in the back in its usual place, o god the lights aren’t even lighting up and my computer isn’t even responding 2 it now. Now I’m super curious to see if this broken usb port is the usb port of death or did my converter break before I plugged it in this death trap, I then plugged in my wireless internet usb into the death trap, same message from the converter, plugged it back into the back of my computer, dead… no lights blinking nada.

Ran and plugged them into my laptop, nothing aswell… I tried google but NOBODY has ran into this problem I guess…

Wow long post… any help? :-\