Damaged Fighting Stick EX2

Some time ago, I bought a Hori Fighting Stick EX2 for use with my Xbox 360 and I’m quite pleased with it. The problem is that I recently had an accident with it and the part of the pcb board(?) connected to the Right Trigger button broke off.

I made a snapshot of it in case I haven’t explained the problem too well. (Sorry for the crappy quality.)


Now, the thing is, I don’t have any experience messing around with arcade sticks and the like, so I don’t really know if there’s anything I can do at this stage. So what I want to know is: Is there any way for me to be able to fix it by gluing it or soldering it back together and make the respective button functional again? Again, I don’t know anything about this sort of thing, so I’m sorry if this is coming off as absolutely retarded.

I believe you can solder the buttons directly to the main board. You might as well mod the thing while your at it. At least replace the buttons with Sanwa/Seimitsu ones.

Well, you see, that’s the problem. I don’t know the first thing about soldering things like that and I pretty much don’t know anything about soldering in general, period. Is there something like a guide or tutorial that could guide me through something like this?

Edit:And I don’t buy new parts, or even mod my arcade sticks at all, since I’m a complete newb in that regard as well. So it’s going to have to be with whatever is already in there. Sorry.

a have one if you want it i can sell it, or just the PCB… its new, i opened to change the stick but i havent have the time plus the JLW i had doesn’t fit :arazz:

Thanks for the offer, but I already bought a new one in case I couldn’t repair the other. Sorry.


You dont have to do a parts replacement, just repair the broken traces. Two wires, two minutes and itll be just peachy


Yea, pretty sure toodles is right on that. He knows his stuff. I don’t know how to solder either but for just those points it’s simple enough. Make sure you get the right wire though, it has to be a certain size or it won’t work IIRC.

Any wire will work.

Really? Actually my friend has a 360 stick that he bought but the seller told him the headset port didn’t work cause he used the wrong wire. I looked at the inside and the wire was about twice as thick as the other button wires so I assumed he was telling the truth. Especially since he was the one that wired it.

Wire is wire. As long as you didn’t accidently make contact with the other solder points around it, that repair in the picture could be done with uber thin >30 guage wire, lamp cord, stranded, solid, whatever. Hell, you could prolly use carefully cut strips of aluminum foil as a patch if you’re in a bind.

The only other alternative to soldering is use a conductive pen to repair the broken trace. Here is a tutorial that I have found:

TUTORIAL: How to Repair a broken trace! HAS GOOD PICS!

Hope this helps.

That simple, huh? I’ll have a look at those instructions in your post. Thanks a lot.:tup:


I’ll take my chances with the solder method, but thanks all the same.

Conductive ink is great stuff, but the board itself is broken, not just the traces.

Oh… for the board, he can use epoxy to join the broken pieces and then solder or use conductive pen to fix the traces.