Damaged Disk - Need to Train - Will this work?

Someone at CFAS Hard Times in Manassas, VA jacked my copy of Marvel last week. Boo hoo. Now I’m using a version of the game that was trampled by a 50 pound boxer mix. Sometimes the xbox menu saying the disc is unreadable pops up when im in training mode - unusual considering most of the loading has already been done.

If i were to go buy a copy of marvel from Gamestop, install it, and return it, do you think the game would operate with a hard drive copy plus the damaged disc? Might be worth a shot? Thoughts would be great, I may just experience the same issues. On the other hand, maybe the xbox just checks for the disc to be present and then runs the full version off the drive, otherwise, WTF would be the point of installing it?

If I recall correctly, I was in the same situation and I’m think that installing the game from a good copy and using your damaged disc would work fine, as long as the damaged copy can be read by the console