DAMAGE CONTROL 3S Results (11/14/09)

Hey guys I first want to thank everyone who came out to the tournament and everyone who helped me setup and run things, much appreciated. I had a blast at the tournament and hope to run some more sometime next year, PERHAPS RANBATS? Thanks again for coming out, especially NJ guys and MD/VA crew, you guys are the shit! Where was NYC? Not feeling JAZZY? :razz: Also we should hopefully have some vids up of the singles and team tournament sooner than later. Here are the results…

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Singles Double Elimination (18 entries):

1- Therapist (Akuma) [$108 + $100 1st place bonus]
2- Exodus (Yun) [$54]
3- Flare (Ryu) [$18]
4- Ramza (Makoto)
5- Diaper Bomb (Alex)
5- Comeback (Chun-Li, Hugo)
7- Mr. Quotes (Makoto, Urien, Yang, Dudley)
7- Frantastic (Yun, Chun-Li)
9- ROCKMAN (Urien)
9- Fire Chocobo (Urien)
9- MWelsh (Necro)
9- PaperTigre (Ken)
13- Crazymasterhand (Ibuki, Chun-Li)
13- Hahano (Dudley)
13- Mr Pinoy (Makoto)
13- Jordan Wang (Oro)
17- 1der (Dudley)
17- Jim (Chun-li)

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike 3v3 Teams Single Elimination (5 teams):

1- Team JAHHHHHB!! Hahano (Dudley)/Diaper Bomb (Alex)/ Therapist (Akuma) [$75]
2- Team EXO Squad - ROCKMAN (Urien)/Exodus (Yang)/ Ramza (Makoto)
3- Team Too Busy Looking Good - PaperTigre (Ken)/ Jordan Wang (Oro)/ Flare (Ryu)
4- Team Baby Casserole - Frantastic (Yun)/ Comeback (Chun-Li)/ Mr. Quotes (Makoto)
4- Team Newgrounds - MWelsh (Necro)/ NG#1 (Twelve)/ NG#2 (Q)

(Sorry Team Newgrounds, I didn’t get the names of the other two guys… lemme know and I can change it later.)

See you guys next time and keep an eye out for the vidz.


Sweet tournament. Good games to all.

good shit to NY flakin out in classic NY fashion

make this monthly btw. ill almost always show

Yeah this tournament was great even one setup was enough to have a great time as usual. Long Live 3s!!!

Also NY talks mad shit and doesn’t show up??? Good shit!!! Next time don’t get scared and stay home :arazz:

Also it was good seeing everyone there. Good to see Eric Kim remembers 3s!

I like the ranbat idea also!

Good Games to everyone, nice meeting everyone from out of the area.
I got some rough information about how the matches went down, I’m gonna start editing everything tomorrow or Monday (it depends on how I want to split up my school workload). I’m going to upload them in rounds, so that we’ve got a steady stream of videos going up.

<edit> Just looked at the footage Colors look pretty damn good for what we worked with, needs a bit of tweaking, and the sound is absolutely perfect, I don’t need to touch it.

Thanks NYC for giving me yet another reason for the need to specify I’m from “upstate” New York.

NYFree, take your rat infested shithole and go fuck yourself. The only thing worthy your city ever produced is the Turtles.

Hey, don’t make fun of Splinter.

spleenter… :sad:

His name is Master Splinter, jerkoff.

Yeah he basically made cowabunga!!!:pray::pray::pray:


This is kinda what the tournament went like…

Flare is Cigarette Scumbag

Therapist is the Shredder.

I’m the guy sleeping on top of the Narc cab.

Fire Chocobo is Chief Sterns.

im sorry i couldnt make this…not that anyone really gives a shit but for sure we gonna make the next one…on behalf of evryone talkin shit from nyc…:lame:…but the next one wont fall under the bday…good shit to therapist…and i am sincerely glad to see such hype generated for east coast 3s, this makes mii :bgrin: imma quote quotes…“monthly”

Go…(does spirit fingers) PLAY!

you guys record matches?

Reading is rad!:cool:

just got home=/

ggs everyone, good to see new people playing:) black ken player plz calm down lol

in be4 khang bitches about the perfectly fine sticks

tell them why you’re so busy flare

edit: i’ll be back, i’m gonna sit directly in front of my tv to get used to the cabs:wow:

3s for live! gj guys!

Nerves got to me a bit lol. I’m sure my game will get more smooth, I did note that I rode the gate way too hard to get some moves out, and I’ve already started looking over my matches

damn it kevin lol :arazz:

good shit to exo and flare :tup:

gg’s to all… wish i started getting my hit confirms back but i made it further then expected so im happy with it… if this is monthly i am definitly there always fun to see old friends again.