Damage Amounts for SF4

I notice that alot of people know exactly how much damage certain, attacks, supers, and ultra will inflict on their opponents. Where can I get this info?


The SFIV forum is a good place to start. . .

^ He can’t create new threads there because he doesn’t have enough posts yet or whatever.

This didn’t need a new thread. There are lots of general threads you can use to ask these sorts of basic questions in the SF4 subforum. In future, please do refrain from creating new topics unnecessarily.

Training mode, turn the “display attack data” option ON. It’s called something like that, anyway. :smile:

Sorry about that,…and thank you. :smiley:

This makes no sense to me.

Why would SRK restrict relatively new members (in case, 09’) from posting immediately in the SF4 forum, when that is pretty much the reason most of them made accounts for in the first place.

I’m sure I’m missing something; can someone explain?


Also to avoid being raped in the ass by angry assholes whose first thought when they see the '09 reg. date is “I’m going to be a total dick and not be willing to help people.”

Blowing the hell out of my mind too. SF4 is the ONLY reason noobs are fuckin’ here. Why not funnel them someplace they can make their little fanfic ideas or ask questions they would not need to if they just fooled around with a few readily accessible options? I can’t wait for the ‘tards’ inevitable “Is Akuma Ryu’s Dad?” threads.

The reasoning behind restricting their posts is to cut down the spam and pointless/redundant posts(I’m sure you guys remember the early SF4 board days), and to (try to) make most of them read before they post stuff.

This thread right here is one of the reasons why we don’t allow brand new posters to make new threads. We have Q&A threads in SF4 for a reason.