Dallas SW Tx Regional Results 9/17

Ranma Posting because I’m too lazy to log off Logan’s SN:


1st Ashley Hernandez
2nd Buktooth
3rd AsianHitler

3rd Strike(30)
1st Mopreme
2nd Buktooth
3rd Duane McCorkle

GGXX #r(23)
1st Marneto
2nd Jan-Michael Del Rio
3rd JW McNay

1st Total Toanage
2nd Magneto-X
3rd Joe Reyna

Tekken 5(16)
1st JinKid
2nd JRA64
3rd JOP

I’ll post more complete results later, here are the top 3 for all, ST was cancelled. Thanks to all for coming out! Look for the Austin Regional in Mid November!

Chris scrubs out again…at least he finally beat Joe though…

Here are the top 10 for each tourney:

3rd Strike(29 people)
1st Mark Rogoyski “Mopreme” - Yun
2nd Campbell Tran “Buktooth” - Chun-Li, Ken
3rd Duane McCorkle “Marvelous1” - Urien
4th John Sanchez “DeadlyFatMan” - Oro, Ken, Chun-Li
5th Joey McFarland “Ultimate Faust” - Q
5th Lukus Allen “Dark Geese” - Yun
7th JW McNay - Chun-Li
7th Tony Huynh “ddr_gakusei” - Ken
9th Thai Nguyen "KINGDOM"
9th Gus Guerrero “BigGus2002” - Ken
9th Logan Sharp “amodf” - Elena
9th Tommy Rolland “NyteBlitz”

CvS2(16 people)
1st Ashley Hernandez
2nd Campbell Tran
3rd David Hem
4th Gus Guerrero
5th Logan Sharp
5th Jan-Michael Del Rio
7th JW McNay
7th John Sanchez
9th Fray
9th Alex
9th Mark Rogoyski
9th 2D is 4ever

MvC2(21 people)
1st Total Toanage
2nd Magneto-X
3rd Joe Reyna
4th Carnevil
5th Power-DN
5th Andjita
7th Marvelous1
7th AsianHitler
9th Ranma0005
9th Musker
9th Jake
9th Evin

GGXX#r(23 people)
1st Marneto
2nd Jan-Michael Del Rio
3rd JW McNay
4th AsianHitler
5th Buktooth
5th Lupercus
7th KenMastersX
7th Agricola
9th Amodf
9th Testaclement
9th R0B0T
9th Kensou

Tekken 5(16 people)
1st JinKid
2nd JRA64
3rd JOP
4th Alex Smith
5th AsianHitler
5th AngelJin
7th Aznsoal
7th Julius
9th Foxstep
9th OTK
9th Mike Vo
9th DVK

Hey Ranma, I used Alex for 3s, just wanted to let ya know XP. Oh and Kingdom used way too many random people. Remy…lol.

goodjob chris why I couldn’t be there? :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

Good shit Sonic Boom

good stuff dallas!!

i wish i went

:clown: :clown:


:annoy: :annoy: :annoy: :annoy: :annoy: :annoy:

by loosing.

In a nutshell…yeah

Good job mark, too bad you cheated and used Yun. Did Asian Hitler play 3s?

Was MvC2 held on Arcade?

Congratulations Toan for bringing it to DF -DUB!
Gustavo says “I sucks”!
Also, Congrats To Lukus for doing so damn well in your very first tournament in DF-DUB!(how bout that upset? no one saw you beating hitler in 3s coming. lol…damn then you had to go and get all happy as soon as you activate gj and then get caught with chun lis sa2, on your matches vs btooth…good shit.
Linh, It was a great tourney…thanks for stopping by…Fuk U! lol
Musker de parte de Gustavo y yo Eddy…fue un gusto FINALMENTE conocerte y nos vemos en algun otro torneo pronto!.
Andrew GG, it was kool seeing you again and meeting your cousin.
It was also kool finally meeting luku’s homeboy ryan…Good shit.
Thumbs down to me for choking like a little bitch on my final match in 3s.
Check out the Sig.

Wow. I thought Dallas would take CvS2 and Houston would take MvC2, but looks like I got it the other way around.



Good shit guys…it really was good stuff. COngrats to everyone, had a blast! I gotta say Tekken was VERY TENSEFUL…just watching it was tense. But anyways, hopefully next time I’ll have enough cash to enter more than one game lol.

Thanks for the congrats Eddy!=) I like the sig man!! :pleased: SPeaks the truth. Good playing with you Mopes, Buk, Duane/Crazy Urien and others. Didnt get to play Mr. Oro with the Tengu Stone madness but wanted to. Oh well there will be other times…

You guys are telling me 3s got the most people entered? Not GG or T5 or others? Huh???


Nice meeting a lot of you guys also, like Ranma and others. :tup:

Finally someone else besides me and John gets a taste of toan’s bullshit when you got a huge 3 character lead and just let him somehow win. Seen that more times than I’d like to count. The storm comeback on Joe was some good shit though.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word prick used more within a 5 second time period in my life, lol. No console marvel tourney is complete without some drama.

I’ll see if I can get ahold of that dude that recorded your matches chris.

:frowning: @ me getting 7th in Guilty Gear.

ggs everyone.

Good shit to everyone esspecially all my H-town And NO. boys.

Jan Michael Delrio/Janfransisco-Head of Security checking boys I.D.’ to bad Eddie doesn’t need one :badboy:

Ashely-holdin it down with that random ass Akuma

David-Chineese Muthafucker

John"Dirty"Sanchez-Cheap ass Muthafucker Chun-li, Ken, Oro, thats too top tier

Gus- HOW?

Joe R.-Fucking Turtle

Daniel-Sneaky AZN

Alex Smith- your ling/Panda is too damn good! My nigga Alexis. Hold it down white boy.

Martin/Fatneto-Good Job you cheap ass bitch using that fucked up ass char. but your too good with that fool though keep hold’n it down in reload :tup: :tup:

Creecy-WTF? Good job though :tup:

Duane/Marvelous1-Damn dog I didn’t know you were that Cold. But you better watch out my Urien is a getting up there. :tup: :tup:

Good Job Guys :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:

good job duane chriss…good job
stone…ur getting a face slappin next time i see u