Sup y’all.
I’ve seen Daigo playing this game in a video together with Tokido.
Are there any more videos of him playing the game?

They don’t seem to play it much or at all. Community negativity, pr back lash, and lack of functional online play combined makes this game less of an incentive to play because there’s little money in it for them to compete for. AE is a bigger focus.

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That’s unfortunate…


None that I’ve seen. But realize that the Japanese aren’t really playing this game and don’t take it too seriously. So either they’re playing together just to see whether or not the game is worth investing time in, or they’re deciding to team up together and hopefully take American money at Evo.

PC is unplayable at the moment, consoles are using some weird GGPO-esque trick that works well if you have stellar connection. Anything less than stellar makes it pretty unplayable - which sucks.

Compared to most other fighting games, console SFxT is not “unplayable” at all. Way too much exaggeration when it comes to this game.

He’s not playing it because it’s not in the arcade, simple as that.

This has the best online of any capcom fighter this gen. If you don’t have good internet, don’t play fighters online

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SFxT has the best console FG netcode imo.

I agree. The netcode for sfxt is some of the best yet. The thing is, your game is always going to be bad if you or your opponent has a shitty connection. The netcode in sfxt preserves your inputs much better, meaning you aren’t going to have as much trouble comboing.

daigo has more important games to focus now


dont think japan takes sfxt serious due to it not being in the arcade

I don’t get theobsession with Daigo. Ya’ll are a bunch of band wagoners, whoever he plays as is automatically top tier, what kinda 1970 logic?

Just out of curiousity, what team was Daigo using?

There are more fan boys and stream monsters in the FGC than actual players nowadays.

dunno where that really came from, but the OP was simply inquiring about where he could find Diago vids of SFxT. If he was playing it regularly, I find it quite silly to think a lot of gamers wouldn’t be interested in his videos.

Not everyone even has enough dexterity to play at Diago and other top players level, fans will come. Would you say the same about Micheal Jordan? Tiger Woods? Leonardo DiCaprio lol…just let people admire who they want to, I don’t think following your favorite player makes you a fanboy.

He is a pro SF player, gets full expenses paid trips around the world for tournies and he doesn’t even have to win (although he still does quite often), has a day job as a nurse and probably saves lives, and he wrote a book about how he is a pro SF player and it sold out in Japan making him more money. Why the fuck would you NOT want to bandwagon and be like this guy?

Sad, but true. :frowning:

I’m cofused by this comment. Was logic not a thing in 1970?