Daigo the Hobo

Evo 2k3 must have been hard for Ryu… Uh, Daigo.

Meh, dumb vid I know, But at least it’s kinda funny.
Honesty though, the dumb people recording him all the time may have been why he was sleeping there in the first place. “OMG IT"S DAIGO! LET"S FAWN AND RECORD WHILE HE EATS POPCORN!” -_-… That and beer probably.

you are 7 years too late.

actually i think its more like 6.

iirc this was evo2k4.

some of us have been playing fighting games for longer than the life of sf4.

You know I thought being a complete and total asshole was against forum rules. I also hate it when people assume I play sf4 because of a bad post. I started with dash turbo when I was five. Shut up and get the twig out of your forum loving ass, I knew this was old when I got it, just thought it was funny. I’m sorry I didn’t change your life with this and that you are on your manly menstual period. Do you want me to get a vid of him sleeping on a table this year to appease you, lord of nothing? I assure you your hemorrhoids or whatever is making you a little bitch right now will heal before you go to sleep tonight, unless they are chronic.

hey guys, i just saw the most amazing thing happen in third strike, so i’d like to fill everyone in: