Daigo sticking up for Ryu players

I agree with everything he said here. Everyone else thinks Ryu is “easy mode” but they just don’t know. The struggle is REAL!

The capcom-unity scrubs would complain too much if they gave him any useful buffs. So they
gave him a new hair cut and shiny teeth as buffs in Ultra aka:

Jump forward/back middle punch: Can be cancelled into an air Tatsumaki
Shin Shoryuken: Invincibility increased (8F->9F)
Shin Shoryuken: Plays full animation if connected after an EX Shoryuken FADC cancel


Cobra Kai,
EX Shoryuken buff is a very important buff. It’s basically his red focus cancel, but has longer reach than his shitty focus attack…

Referring to them as anti-Ryu moves from now on #FightThePower

Are you talking about FADCing after EX Shoryuken ?

Really hope when the physical copy of USF4 comes out they do a few more balance changes and give Ryu something useful.

If I could have one thing it would be to make cr. mk into hadoken a true block string. You can take back every “buff” he got in ultra and I’d be satisfied with that lone buff. It’s amazing the bullshit that codys, bisons, guiles, yuns, hell, a majority of the cast can get away with when you try and control space or create pressure. It’s like the developers said…“hey, let’s make it so that nobody has to respect ryu’s blockstrings that end in hadoken.”

I keep reading people saying that Evil Ryu’s cr. mk xx Hado is a true blockstring and that Ryu’s cr. mk xx Hado is not. When I look at the frame data what am I looking for to determine what’s a true block string and what’s not? Is it the active frames of their medium kick, since Evil Ryu has two less frames? 'Cause the advantage on a blocked Hadoken is the same.

It has to do with how much block stun the attack has, and that’s not listed in the frame data. At least not for all the characters. Someone did the math on it for eryu. He get’s 16 frames of block stun, so when you cancel to hado, that starts up in 13 frames. True block string. Really, tho, Eryu’s is just a true block string at a much greater distance than normal Ryu’s. It’s not always a true block string and it doesn’t even always combo.

I don’t see how this is useful besides comboing into ultra 2 which no one ever uses.

Okay that’s good to know. But Ryu’s crouching medium kick does 15 frames of block stun and his hadoken starts up in 13 frames. How’s that not a block string? Is it just that one extra frame of advantage that makes the difference, distance depending


Do a red focus combo into either ultra, you’ll probably need the corner. Do the same combo, but change the red focus to ex dp fadc. The damage will be better on the ex dp version and the same amount of meter is used…

Ryu can use c.mk xx fireball as a true block string. Just at a shorter range than Eryu(his is 16 frames, with the same fireball).

Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for the reply.