Daigo Money Matches Pics and Results

This was my first evo so I wanted to make the most of it and my way of doing it was by arranging all the best money matches to go down in my hotel room. I had to keep the matches super secret since money matches were not allowed in the main evo tournament. I only invited my friends, people who could record, and top players that wanted to play vs Daigo. Room 1676 in the Ipanema tower at the Rio Hotel was legendary we had Combofiend (Akuma) -vs- Andre (EC Bison), Shady K -vs- LI Joe, Arturo Sanchez -vs- Ryan Hart, Ryan Hart -vs- Shady K, Chris Hu -vs- Shady K, Combofiend -vs- Flashmetroid, and more that I can’t remember. The biggest and most hype money matches were the Daigo ones though. I have to thank my friend Issei for helping me by speaking to Daigo since Daigo can’t speak English. Without Issei, there would have been no Daigo money matches. The rules for Daigo’s money matches were FT5 for $100 or more, FT3 for $50 or more, no console characters except for cammy and sakura, no matches with anyone that made top 8 in SF4. Here are the results:

I’m not 100% sure on the scores but win or loss I am sure.

Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez (Dhalsim) -vs- Daigo(ryu). Sabin wins 5-4
Peter “Combofiend” Rosas. Daigo wins 5-3.
Dr.Chaos(ken). Daigo wins 3-0
Philly-One(cammy). Daigo wins 3-0
Ryan Hart(sagat). Ryan Hart wins 3-2

** this match was FT3 for $20 but Daigo thought it was FT5, anyway though good job ryan hart, your sagat is really good **

Ari “fLoE” Weintraub(Sagat). Daigo wins 5-0
fLoE rematch(Sagat). Daigo wins 5-0
Martin “Marn” Phan(viper). Daigo wins 5-4 (marn loses by a pixel)
Marn rematch. Daigo wins 5-0
Joe “iloveu” Ciaramelli(Sagat). Daigo wins 5-0
iloveu rematch. Daigo wins 5-0
Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez(Balrog). Daigo wins 5-0
Philly One (cammy). Daigo wins 3-0
Sin (Rufus). Daigo wins 3-2

There may have been more matches but I was watching the door most of the time to prevent randoms from coming in. If anyone that was in the room and could confirm the match scores to me please do. Also, tell me if I forgot some matches so I can update this post.

Daigo -vs- SiN, Dr.Chaos, Gootecks, Philly One, and Marn (courtesy of Dr.Chaos’ youtube channel)

Marn -vs- Daigo

Marn -vs- iloveu Joe (Justin in the background literally sleeping on Daigo :D)

Daigo happy with his money

Vid of crowd during Ryan Hart -vs- Daigo (courtesy of Carlos “morninstar”)

overhead shot of LI Joe -vs- Daigo. Money on the PS3 lol

Dr.Chaos -vs- Daigo

Ryan Hart -vs- Daigo.

Daigo with East Coast crew after he won at the All-American Bar & Grill (pic thanks to Kara “eboNics” Leung)

More pictures of the money matches courtesy of Kara "eboNics"

The matches were all recorded in HD by Ian Cofino (creator of “I Got Next”) so watch out for them soon.

LOL nice jav!

So Daigo does have experience with console characters after all.

Was Sanford there?

(almost) free money for daigo, and 7000 on top of that. wow.

I love this kind of stuff :lovin:

waiting for the matches :looney:

Good stuff.

Mad props to Ryan Hart w/ Sagat. Daigo probably sees Sagats when he crosses the street to GET to the arcade, there’s so many in Japan, he’s gotta have that matchup down pat, and Hart takes it 3-2.

Lookin forward to the videos from Ian

Good shit on the money matches Javits, I’m glad I was in the room when the Daigo money matches happened.

did anybody win with sakura? Did anybody bother using sakura at all…?

Who’s Andre?

Twisted Jago

The Bison that wrecked Mike Watson

I wonder what percentage goes to EVO Pimp :wonder:

Who won the matches between the US players like Combofiend vs Andre, etc?

^ ComboFiend

easy money…

Combofiend (Akuma) -vs- Andre (EC Bison), Shady K -vs- LI Joe, Arturo Sanchez -vs- Ryan Hart, Ryan Hart -vs- Shady K, Chris Hu -vs- Shady K, Combofiend -vs- Flashmetroid, Jan -vs- LI Joe Rematch from SBO qualifiers. fLoE -vs- Ryan Hart was about to go down but I had a plane to catch.

Combofiend(akuma) won 5-4. Andre was up 4-2 and choked it up :slight_smile: They did a rematch (combofiend using viper) on Sunday night and Andre won but I don’t know if it was for money.

Shady K(ryu and akuma) -vs- LI Joe. Shady K wins 5-4

Arturo(dhalsim) -vs- Ryan Hart(sagat). Arturo wins 10-5

Ryan Hart -vs- Shady K(akuma). Shady K wins 5-0

Ryan Hart(sagat) -vs- Shady K(ryu and akuma) -Rematch- . Ryan Hart wins 5-3

Chris Hu (ryu) -vs- Shady K(akuma). Shady K wins. Dont remember the score.

LI Joe (sagat)-vs- Jan (zangief). LI Joe wins. Dont remember score

It looks like Daigo came out of evo with ALOT of money.

Damn daigo came away with around 850 from all the MMs.

Daigo made big bucks this weekend.

SF4 pays Daigo’s rent

This was too hyped. Thanks ruin for taking my money :sad:

But Jan vs Joe was 3-0 Joe.