Daigo is the GOAT?

Agree or disagree, do you agree that he is the greatest of all-time SF player?
When do you guys think he will retire?

Tomo is like the Frank Gotch of SF. Daigo is like Lou Thesz.


I never saw Tomo play… and unfortunately I haven’t seen a lot of footage of him playing… that being said:

Daigo has fought the top competition from all over the world and won (this is for me, is what makes him the better player); if not to come back and avenge all his losses by rape.

I tribute video made of quotes and some guy who is obviously a tomo fan doesn’t account for anything. (someone could do the same for daigo)

Daigo would be the goat for me.

But Tomo had great tapes:

I compared Tomo to Frank Gotch because there no film footage of Gotch wrestling and theres barely any footage of Tomo. Tomo was in that really weird/bad/awesome SF 2 video Capcom made and he did all the game play you see in it. The dude knew everything about that game before ST was out.

Jeff Shaefer was like number 3 SF player in California, that was the guy talking in the video. Apoc who is one of the guys quoted was in Bang The Machine and he even competed at Evo 04 and is in a short documentary about the event.


This is the first part of Shaefer vs Daigo, and Jeff in one of the rounds PERFECTS Daigo, and the end of the series is really tricky and awesome. Its worth watching, Jeff after so long of not playing must have trained a little for the match with Daigo and he is able to keep up and more so. They even switch up the characters and Shaefer keeps doing well. Its a really cool video because of that,

Tomo just quit cause of meeting girls and getting a more serious job. He hated the direction that SF was going too with super meters. He was just too old school to go along with the trends. I dont get his comparison about the super meter, you gain meter as you attack in ST so its not really a comeback mechanic, it can mean the guy who is winning just uses it to be flashy and show off how much better they are. But oh well, I believe he was the best in the US at Hyper Fighting and Champion Edition. And even in one video he admits when he started he didnt know anything and he sucked and he needed a guy to help him learn the game better.

Okay, based on this more detailed evidence, I can probably say yes, he was the best in the USA at one point and no doubt was a beast.
However, he also admits in the video there could have been someone is Japan better than him, but that will never be known because the scene wasn’t able to compete internationally at the time.

This is the main reason I think that Daigo is the GOAT. It can easily be said that he was the strongest player in Japan at the time, and potentially playing and beating a lot better competition; just like Tomo was doing in the states. The thing that separates them is Daigo has now traveled everywhere, and played the best from anywhere, and continues to stomp any competition that comes his way. If he doesn’t take the tournament he is always in the top 8 or in the final. He also just stomped the two (what everyone thinks) are the best players there are in a very convincing fashion. (also showed his ability to adapt)

It’s worth noting that the Shaefer/Daigo match was on Happ sticks. That’s a huge handicap for Diago, just like playing on Sanwa would be for Shaefer. It’s just too bad we never got to see them play each other with both having their weapon of choice.

Daigo is the GOAT of Street fighter, considering his success and longevity. To be the top dog or among the top dogs for 15+ years is absolutely insane.

Also worth noting is the fact that Shaefer is using CE Guile, who is without doubt one of the best characters in the game. It’d be a much better equivalency if he used ST or O.Guile instead.

According to OG stories, Shaefer had one of the best O.Sagats of all time. If he had continued playing the game, he most likely would’ve either won Evo, or placed top3 consistently, with his Sagat. All speculation though, since there’s only footage of one tournament in which Shaefer played ST, and that was at a time when he just about quit the scene.

Daigo has placed top 8 at EVO in every SF game he competed in, regardless of it being ST, Alpha, 3S, or any version of SF4. He has either won the whole thing or atleast made it to top 8 EVERY TIME. It doesn’t matter what else he does, in any other tournament. Doing that at the biggest tournament of the year EVERY year means he’s the greatest SF player to ever touch the sticks.



Anyone who thinks anyone other than daigo has a legitimate claim at greatest of all time… Is delusional.


Has beaten MORE top players and legends across more games than pretty much any other player.has won more tournaments across more games than pretty much any other player. Has traveled around the world beating players down, for over 15 years.
He is considered one of the greatest players to play these games:



Beat at most, 5 legends. Won numerous tournaments in old school streetfighter. Pretty much the undisputed king of oldschool streetfighter during his time.

And that’s pretty much it. Tomo didn’t play airdashers or team games like cvs2, he didn’t play metered games, he wasn’t exposed to lots of different high level playstyles the way daigo has been. He hasn’t conquered those playstyles the way daigo has.

Tomo was a great player but at this point in time he mostly represents a ghost that you can label fantastical achievements on.
Was he great? Absolutely no doubt about it. I grew up in so cal and even though I never played against him
I heard of him and how good he was from players that I couldn’t beat… They felt the same about tomo… He was unbeatable, never made mistakes… A machine. But Valle reached that kind of status as well. Hailed as completely unbeatable at his og games of A2 and A3… It took daigo to beat him and even so, Alex was less than one round away from sweeping daigo…but daigo adjusted, downloaded, and won.

It’s also good to note that oldschool streetfighter wasn’t where Jeff or mike for that matter quit. They also played A2-A3 and even some 3s for mike… And Valle in general dominated them… And then himself got dominated by daigo.

This isn’t fanboyism it’s just the truth. There is a VERY good reason why oldschool players have such a huge respect for daigo. He fucking earned it. Time and time again.

Since all of time hasn’t yet passed, it’s impoossible to say.

I just brought up Tomo because as times go on there are people who are the greatest of their era. In 50 years therell be a better player. Hell there could be someone who could destroy Daigo in a match if they knew these tournaments happened and they could get sponsored.

Getting sponsored has never, ever been a requirement in order to be a good player. The same goes vice versa.

And no. Good players don’t become high-level players in a vacuum. People can’t just show up and expect to be godlike. In order to be the best, you have to train with the best. In a niche community such as this, word tends to travel around about who the up-and-coming players are.

Daigo is not considered one of the greats of 3s. He was good for his time but not the highest level even back then. And the game has evolved a lot since then.

He has some impressive placings in 3s, and when you look at his overall success over multiple games I don’t think any other god comes close. Achievements can be seen here.



Yup that’s him

Can’t believe people have the nerve to mention Tomo as the greatest of all time in anything…he was the best IN THE US, for a relatively short amount of time, at one particular game.

Daigo is an amazing all around player, but I actually think Tokido might surpass him, as “overall best fighting game player”. There are also many many high level players of many games that do not travel internationally and don’t get much exposure.

eh. Evo doesn’t count as an impressive placing for that game IMO, and he rode Nuki’s back all the way to their SBO victory. he wasn’t a pushover in his time but his name doesn’t come up when you think of the greats of the game. I think he has a much better case for ST and SF4.