Daigo in 2012?

Do you guys think do to the ridiculous nerfs to Yun and the ridiculous buffs to Ryu the beast will be back with the shoto? i really can’t be sure, it looks like all of Ryu’s main buffs are to his ultra 2 bigger hitbox, easier to AA, sounds like it was designed to deal with the twins. what do you guys think?

lol Ryu didn’t get buffed that much… higher chance of him using Ken or Evil Ryu…

I’d like to see his Ken, Evil Ryu would be interesting, he stole 50 of Makotos health so he wont loose a qaurter of his health from a chip ultra xD i am interested to see what all happens in this SF version

Daigo to use Hakan.

Just kidding, lol. I would like to see a Daigo Evil Ryu, or someone out of the blue like Gouken, but I can’t see that happening, haha

Yea someone needs to ask him! to be honest im happy Yun is nerfed, i really did like the character but when a character is just obviously better then everyone else A LOT of people pick him. The thing that really drew me in around super time was the variety of characters EVERYONE picked, there was so many top players all with diffrent characters. I’m sure some people will still use Yun to a good effect though. just not as threatening as he once was.

Who will Daigo turn to in 2012? The answer lies…

In the heart of battle!

why is this so important that you needed to make a thread