Daigo going down and not winning 2011 EVO

heyup, why is Daigo starting loose a lot of his fights is it because the Ryu is nerfed… and i think this year he’s not going to have much chance to win the evo because the competition is really strong now from the likes of Filipino champ what are your thoughts on this.

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no one is going to have a 100% winning percentage in FG tournies. I think you meant “lose” & not “loose”,eh?! :stuck_out_tongue:

daigo loose


Flip Champ being the really strong competition? Good one man, I laughed pretty fucking hard. There’s plenty stronger competition over in JPN and here in NA for Daigo to worry about.

Not to mention he isn’t playing Ryu anymore, but Yun. Any tournaments he’s playing Ryu are SSF4, not AE, and therefore Ryu is still strong in them. If he’s losing more often it’s likely due to not playing Ryu as often.

This is all just speculation anyway. Daigo will definitely show up for EVO 2011 and will leave a trail of bodies behind him as he always does.

If real life people could be considered bosses, Consider Daigo the unlockable super boss after winning every game you play at a tournament.

“Daigo going down”

“Daigo loose”

Is this really just a thread about your Daigo fantasies?..

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who gives a fuck what daigo does, worry about your own game scrub

hey chill out people… sorry for asking… i was just curious if you thought this was a mistake please delete it, if you cant tell me how to i will am new to this forum even though i have been a member for some time i dont post a lot, and loose that was a mistake and i know it is “lose”.