Daigo at Evo

hi, i was just cruising around looking for vids when i came across a thread on www.cornertrap.com that said that Daigo and KO would be coming to this years Evo…

is there any merit to that claim???


Finals for cvs2 could be

Daigo vs tokido Hopefully Daigo will win

yea i’m curious about this too

probably not

me, bas, or ino tried to pursuade daigo to come to evo2003,
but he’s too busy to come in that season. too bad.

K.O hasn’t yet decided whether or not to come.
KSK says “if K.O don’t show up, then I’ll win 3S!”


Damn 3S

probably not

Bas, Ino, KSK and yourself are coming though correct?

If so that’s good enough for me. :smiley:

what japanese ggxx players are coming.?

Kuni : Do you know Mester, Chikyuu, or Tokido are going to come to Evo2k3 this year?

hey kuni, you think yer gonna start a thread about all jap players confirmed to be at evo2k3 like you did with evo last year?

tell kaqn to roll down

tell that nizzle liquid metal to go

what about mitsu? Any special jap mvc2 players? =x

or how about that one who came out with rushdowns who retired Nit(something)

I would love to see
daigo for cvs2
menkaichou for ggxx
KO/nitto for 3s
would make an awesome evodvd :smiley: