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Ok thanks… I did in fact remember that post and your response, but I just wanted to reiderate my interest, and to be honest I was hoping that I wouldnt have to rely on simple checking your thread for updates… I was hoping to motivate you into creating a waiting list.
But thats fair enough… sorry for the inconveinece, hope yuo have a joyful day

Keeping it in the forums ensures that it’s fair and transparent.

As for the waiting list. I’d rather not, if at least to encourage folks to try out other artists (support the community and all).

Here’s hoping for much success on this endeavor.

Hey D3V I replied to your email, but my modem is broken so I used my iPhone. Let me know if you did not get it, and I’ll send it from work. If you did get it, let me know if you need more info. Thanks.

I’ll check it tomorrow. It’s almost 11 in the evening and I just got home from work.

no prob man. take your time. no rush here.

Quick update. Due to a project at work that’s needed some emergency intervention, I’ve had to spend most of the past week working 12 hour days out of the office. I’ve actually only now been able to get back to working on the commissions. So I apologize for the lack of contact and any delays that this has caused.

Thats alright… No rush here.

So Mossad Man has cancelled his order since he’s decided to change the characters he wants on the stick (since he’s switched games). Looks like I’ve got a free slot up.

On a related note, some of you guys have not replied to my emails. Please do so or else I may be forced to drop you.

I will take the slot if you can do what I PMed you about.

Have to apologize.

Was busy this week with community events since Filipino Champ was vacationing over at this part of the world. Spent most of the weekend either taking footage or editing footage for upload so I haven’t had the chance to finish up the stuff.

That’s fine. It sounds like fun.

hey don’t know if I just post or send you a PM so ill do both, I would like this art http://www.d3vlicious.com/display/ShowImage?imageUrl=/storage/art-samples/New_Style_Ibuki.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1277997555416 which you already made but I need it for the Real arcade pro SA for the PS3 (the one with the white buttons).

Thanks in advance and ill wait my turn

No new commissions, I’ll announce when there are slots again soon.

was kind of looking forward to having this soon. How long before new slots?

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let me know ill check the thread often

any update as of recently?

Soon, done with two in the list and am just about finished with the other two.

sounds good quick question the art I posted which you already made for the TE my friend has a TE and likes that art for a different character you did could he just pull it from your website and get it printed?