Cyrus's Money Match/GD's thread!

w00t im special
btw am i allowed to have this? is this gonna get closed?

ok so far:
kymah 3s/cvs2 5 bucks
gerjay 3s 5 bucks
bry 3s/cvs2 5 bucks
rpgv2 5 bucks i think cvs2/3s
wb 5 bucks cvs2 (not ready)
anant 5 bucks cvs2/2bucks 3s

post away!
btw i’ll close this or whatever if im not supposed to make this thread here.

“when i shave my skin’s a baby’s butt and im 19 again”

When does York term start, and will you be at the cove then?

yes and i think last week of august/first week of september
i’ll definitely head there if i have classes on the given day.


good shit

ill try to make it tmr at like 7pm or so

cyrus, pic any day and time coming this week, except tues. I’ll money match u. Amount and condition is up to u

can i money match u?

i want 3s money matches! :smiley:

Wing, i’ll have to c. If i beat cyrus over there i play u with the money i win. I lost my job and i need some quick cash.

Mark i’ll play u.

$5 2/3 match?
wut are the chances that i’ll win in 3s… eh marc?

i’ll take money matches in any game

ok i’ll be at york tomorrow like 12-3 ish i guess then head to pmall then off to the Y

marc thats definitely a go. 5 dollars 3s put me down.
tom im always up for you buddy :stuck_out_tongue: 3s and cvs2? 5 bucks each i guess.

crux; sweet i hope im there at 7…
and marvin: 2 bucks 3s i dont feel like throwing that much money in the garbage can.

whos tom?

yoh! = tom

post edited

wow i got owned
gan; when do i get my fucking york avatar

gg’s tonight go out to:
-wing (1 dollar mm lost)
-tommy (2 dollars mm won)
-jay (6 dollars mm lost)
-that urien guy that sucked a week ago and now owns me for free
-that remy guy who owns me for free, period.
highlights of the night:
me vs. jay cvs2 (sag vs nak) 001 on shotclock he throws for the win FUCK THAT SHIT!
me versus crux…wow lk lk super owns w/ dud
marc was a no show ( i want money match NOW!!)
wing is a jerkass in cvs2 :stuck_out_tongue:
i officially quit cvs2 save casuals. thats right no moneys on cvs2. i just plain suck

im not bitching…good games to all…but seriously it was such a lousy day. so stressful. i couldnt compete at high level today.

good shit today with that kara uppercut you bitch haha

gg’s, happy to see you actually got better. even though i dont know how, you never come out and cove must be so dead haha

i was busy taking care of my dad today
money matches will be postponed… till i see you???

tom; sure thing

marvin; wo ai ni

wing; … i hate you

You still owe me a cvs2 mm!! Even if i DO win, you’ll win the money back in 3S anyway. I’ll make the 3S money even with the CVS2 money as an incentive.

thx for the people that came today for my last minute practice.
and thx ian/phastestpig/exile/gordon for the “Wing’s evo fundation” anymore money matches are welcome. (after evo of course)

special thanks to the brown guy wearing glasses using oro.
whoever the phuk u r.
im leaving t.o on tuesday afternoon.
i’ll make sure to bring back some footage and new strat for all u negros.


phuk shiet yea! to the max baby!

i love you marc.
but not as much as cliff loves u tho…