Cyberlead Cabinet Question

I’m looking to purchase a Cyberlead cabinet, but haven’t had much experience with these cabinets in the past so for anyone who has one or has experience with arcade cabinets, especially Cyberlead, could you give me your insight/impressions on it? Much appreciated!


I know they have a cool marquee that lights up on top that you can program and is jamma/jvs compatible.

So if your interested in CPS2 games (alpha 1/2/3,SSF2t,MvC,) or Cps3 (third strike) it should be perfect. I dont think you can rotate the screen but I could be wrong so if your into shmups it definately is not the right candy cab for you.

Try this site.

^ The neo-geo forums is an awesome place to start. Also try this site.

This one might prove useful as well.

Hey thanks guys!!