Cyber Arena in Gurnee Mills

Yo who was at that one tournament in Cyber Arena on May 28th? I’m thinking about starting more tournaments at that venue if anyone is interested.

i was the dude who was there til like 8pm

The other guys there that i knew were Jeff Tate and Jonathan, but they are from the south side, Frankie G who is from like Elgin or something, and Empty Shiki who goes to school in champaign I believe.

Yeah I knew Frankie G won that one tourney back at Anime Central. I also met Kurasa at the convention too.

I posted on their facebook, sounds like they’re open to keeping this shit going.

I was thinking about hosting the next tournament on June 11th.

well we run our local in milwaukee some time next month and people usually come up from chicago… i’ll let you know when the date is but i think the 11th sounds good! I’ll be there if it doesn’t conflict with work. Once you coordinate with cyberarena be sure to make a thread in the tournament section on this site.

Yup I’ll try to find time with that tournament because just thinking about it just got me hyped lol.

we had a good turn out for the last tourney hope to be hosting more for all you Fighters out there!! our facebook is if you have any questions or would like to host a tourney here please feel free to contact us on facebook or threw email

thanks to all that came out!

I’ve been at several tournaments in Cyber Arena and the place is awesome. I don’t really have any complaints for it so far.