Cvss2:hibiki thread

ok I’m starting this one out for all the people who want to learn how to become great with her.I play her in A-groove as a ratio1,i just stared out playing her like a week ago and im not that with that in mind can some one please tell me some b&b combos,starts,and just any genearl info that you might know for her.and came you guys also tell me what cc combo you use with her. can ya’ll also list her good and bad match up’s.your info will be much aprecated(spelling)

Beware short jumps…

why should short jumps give her a problem?

shouldnt s.hp stop it,and all other jumping attacks?

lmfao@ the view count

yeah, 134 million views.
seriously lurkers?

if you’re looking for hibiki info lurkers…go to the CvS2 game thread on this site.

thats where you’ll find whatever info regarding hibiki and any other character from the game.