CVS3 concepts

Okay i finally got it finished. it turned out a little better than i thought would. the only gripe about it I have is the line quality. other than that, im pretty satisfied. tell me what yall think.


these are the times when i really wish i was the owner of both capcom and snk

Wow man, the CG really made it look good. Awsome stuff.

Good piece Nova. Here is an attachment to kind of help you out. Who is the guy in the front? Right now remy looks like he is the focal point so I went with that. The glowing hand is taking away from the picture because everything is focused on him right now. I can see your complimentary usage, but maybe drop down the value and replace all the red with some more green. If the light is coming on top of remy like that then the forground character should indeed be darker. Watch out for competing highlights on both characters. I like how you treated the jacket highlighting compared to his pants, as there is more highlight due to leathery feel compared to jeans. Overall good work, but just think more about your character pose and light favoring.

Ash vs. Remy…oh boy, that will drive the fangirlies WILD :slight_smile:

Great work

Aw man this is nice! You still working with a mouse? Nice rendering of that Green magic ash has. SFMC is right out the lighting from Remy’s flame. I still have no idea what Ash looks like.