CVS2 working on Execution

I guess this really applies to all fighters. I would like to know some “tactics” that ppl on SRK use to practice execution. Or do u just hammer it out by doin the motion repetively.

I would also like some CC execution advice, such as. When finishing the nako CC trip HPX2 reverse 180 then 360 P. well thats how someone told me to do it and it workz great. since for some reasome I would always mess up on the double reverse 180…

But what do u all do to get better execution???

Instead of doing c.RH, c.FPx2, super…during the last DF+FP, do DF, D, DB+RH, B, HCB+P…Nakoruru will trip the character and after you do the HCB+P, the super comes out, and you’ll dance.

4 me…i jus practice multiple time in training…the combos i actually would use in game.
Especially the a-groove one since there are no room 4 mess ups while playing with your CC.
But try finding shortcuts 2 do some combos…

great idea. Anyone have any suggestions on execution practicing???

uh… chose ryu sagat and chun li, c-groove

ryu and sagat - practice deep shoryukens

chun li practice her into super - learn her cancels via the chun li thread
if u can do those two things your execution will become very good

oh yea with sagat do into superfireball or superkick into uppercut.

i try to make the most of the negative edge such as hold onto a button, do the motion of the super,and then letting go of the button. Comboing into a super is so much easier with the negative edge…

If it’s doing crouching attacks -> super, do what I do: like with Ryu: do c.MK, 450+P…a 450 being a 360+90…so do a 360, then QCF+P

IMO, it’s faster than doing QCFx2…since you’re basically flicking your wrist really fast.

This is something I’ve had trouble on myself…I’ve never actually thought of that solution, doing a 450…I’m gonna try that out!

i have trouble wit this. i still do! so i don’t use many snk characters! maybe a arcade stick makes it easier, it made it for me.

hrm, little trick for the snk motions. say you’re iori, you land a c.short, and want to end in a super. go like this:

c.short x2, qcf+short, hcb+punch. boom, super comes out after the standing short and combos.

for iori’s combo into super, just pretend your doing two fireball motions…qcf+k and qcb+p…that works for me.

that wont work, it has to be hcb+p.

i know its hcb…but try it out yourself, see if it works…if it doesnt work for you, then too bad

try taking breaks from the game… like I always say “practice makes predictable”… once you’re random enough and roll cancel more than 75% of the time the enemy has to assume that the other 25% are invincible too and negatively adjust their gameplay…

warning: training like fecalpenance may not result in victories

what about for geeses super (not the level 3 combo). I love using geese, but find it insanely hard to pull of that super. any suggestions?

his super goes through fireballs, and has good range… but is only good when the other guy is on the ground. I usually do a 360 from the forward position going back… and is easy to do when you jump, roll, jd, or parry…

i think he was talking about the raging storm. the only “shortcut” ive heard of is doing two hcb x 2 then press df and a punch. even the short cut is pretty hard. anybody else have ideas?

For that super, it’s easyer to learn how to do the pretzel if you ask me :bluu:



When you’re first learning it you won’t be able to do it on command. The best way is the pretzel way because you can do it in a single fast motion instead of the short(which are really long) cuts that people do. Try doing this; hold DB and then do a counter from this position. If you get the counter to come out consistently all you have to do is add DF after the HCB for the raging storm. When I first learned the super I favoured the right side of the screen over the left side; it just seemed easier… Hope that helps a bit:D