CVS2: Weird links

Have you seen weird links in cvs2 like strongs in to jabs and that sort, well post your observations here. :slight_smile:

Rock: super close s.strong and then link s.jab

u can link ryu’s s.sp into

I’ve done two Sagat low fierces, but not in a real match (I know someone who linked two in a tourney match). I’ve landed two Cammy standing fierces, and a Cammy standing fierce to standing roundhouse. A different friend said he’s hit 2 standing roundhouses, and I’ve seen him link Cammy’s standing fierce into her lvl3 spin drive smasher. No, not 2-in-1 them, link them.

I have alot of werid links in my video. watch it tel me whats good bad and what i could do to make it better!!!

feirces to mks mks to jabs to fierce blah blah its all there.

Yeah i’ve seen the vid, it’s top notch thats why i made this thread to see if any more links are out there:)

I’ve comboed two crouching fierces with Sagat in a tournament.

I was just as surprised as my opponent :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… counter hits, crouching fat characters, and backward hitting moves make wierd links like that…

Cool, how long did it take you to produce this video?

Vice meaty s.fierce, d.strong suprised me the first time I did it.

very nice vid

hey thanks alot everyone.

umm i dunno not very long. just i dunno with work and such it took me about just a week or so.

i dunno just when i found time to play some video games i would do the combos.

most characters can do something like a strong or foward to a lower attack.

then some characters can do a feirce or roundhouse to a littler attack. like terry can do stuff after his ducknig fierce. or ken can do stuf after his stand hk.

most characters can it just takes timing and well alot of times you get pushed away. so it may be hard to test out. since your doing like a bigger attack right at the begning.

I saw my friend do c.MP, c.MP with Balrog, it was NUTS!

Just so people will know: Cammy retained a lot of her old ass ST links, so don’t be amazed if something hella weird linked together.

One time when playing with my friend I linked 3 c. mp with N groove Ryu.


With Sagat i linked (in a match)
c.hp TigerRaid

My brother linked J.HP into f + HP with Haohmaru once I was like “WTF!!!”

I’ve seen (in a video) after balrogs dash punch they linked a c.hp into super (but it was a japanese vid)

i think it was a fully charged finale, into c.hp, into lvl 3 kick super almost full life


Backwards hitting counter-hit crouching fierce --> crouching fierce --> crouching fierce --> super.


I saw a funky Guile video:

anti-crossover-roll: c. fierce, c. jab 2x, s. short, Super ?!?

C. fierce, S. fierce, Sonic Hellyeah!

anti-wake up: far s. roundhouse, far s. fierce, total wipe out


anti wake up: s. forward-c. fierce, super

anti-crossover-roll: 2 c. fierces (one hits the enemy from behind, the 2nd hits the front of them)


someone did c. strong, c. jab, s. strong-shinkuu or was I dreaming?

Balrog can do 2 c.sp to link together, and I believe he can do the same with This chain was from his old school days.

One thing I noticed was the shotos ability to link the sweep from crouching jabs, something I didn’t think was still possible. I believe Vega can still do his old school links, like c.sp, c.sp or,

You can find abnormal links by using “meaty attacks”. This cuts frames off the attacks, giving you time to link to shit. The most practicle meaty attacks are against rolls, just experiment.

Another way to grab un-natural links is through being hit. Sometimes, hit stun is shorter than the recovery time on your attack. This allows you to link WEIRD shit, like two fierce slashes from haohmaru. Trading hits out of something can set-up un-natural juggle opportunities because of lag. ex. Kyo’s DP to level 3 super.

Some links are only open during a short time. Akuma has deep jab d.p. linked to lv. 2 super. But, if you wait it won’t connect. You have to buffer it in the air and have it come out as soon as you recover, reversal style n shit.

good luck

that link doesnt work for me… can anyone post a different location to get it??? anywyas… all i know is the balrog and bison 2… its messed