CvS2 Videos Thread

So we can share / analyze matches and stuff? All the subforums have them now, @Buktooth

MOD EDIT: you’ve always had permission. post away

I agree. There’s actually a ton of videos out there that may not / do not get shown on here that are fresh and new.

This guy has a lot of old school vids that i dont remember seeing anywhere else

^ gonna pretend to work at work now :rofl:

why wouldnt you be able to? i honestly dont get why you’re asking my permission

I think he means to have a sticky for it.

Here is a video from early 2013 for CVS2 - a-cho matches.
I was not quite sure where to put this video (if it does not belong here please let me know or simply remove post altogether).
Presenting - a-cho CVS2 matches.

lol@ blanka getting styled on by vice :coffee:

A-Chang going H.A.M. starting around 11 minutes. The AA CC was particularly nice, and Chang takes off CHUNKS of damage at a time.

I miss this game!

which other youtube channels upload cvs2 tournament footage on a regular basis?


thats the only one Ive been subscribed to for CvS2 footage besides gameacho
dont seem to find any more channels these days
but thx for the heads up mate

that chang again

damn that overhead cc setup was like out of sai-rec haha.

I keep seeing this one player at Gamespot versus in their monthlies…I think it may be a girl…but he/she plays k cammy chun sagat

anyone know who that is?

Pinokio maybe?

A-Cho Ranking Battle Tournament Footage

I got some newschool players into CvS2 and now we actually got a regular Tournament in Berlin which is pretty nice. We are not that good but if anyone is intrested check out the youtube playlist.

I also added the brackets and timestamps in the youtube description for easier navigation through those huge files…damn you twitch

FT10 CvS2 (starts at 19 minutes)
Bas(A Vega Bison Blanka) vs
Kiku(C Cammy Chunli Sagat)

New videos from a week ago. Bas vs Gao, BEA, and Kodama