CvS2 Videos Thread

Damn… this thread is hella old


Thanks for the vids.

i hope some people can send in their footage. i wanna see that shit on the evo DVD.

charlie vs mago
pigadoken vs the world
people vs people

That Sawada vs. Mago match was INTENSE! Ugokushite! (Don’t move!) :clap:

Awesome site. :tup:


i cannot see the videos

that is one ugly as hell sagat in your cvs2 section. lol

Very cool stuff, good footage like this is hard to come by.
Mago vs. Sawada was hilarious. Sadly, Claw Vega didn’t make the match last any longer.
When Kim’s Rolento got knocked down against Komemura’s Kyo, took me a while to figure out what he woke up with. RC PPP? Forgot that move even exists, haha. Rolento looks like he’s moving around on crack, good stuff :D. C-groove Rolento runaway and alpha counter.

Fucking Spiderman ROlento, you guys see that shit omg!!!

nice page and all,but i cant seem to get the vids.

can someone send it to me?

navigating the site for some reason cause my comp. to lag up big.

so can anybody hook me up with the vids?

edit-i DL’ed the Bas matchup. is it supposed to be 15MB? shit wont play though,i dont even see the file type. shit is tripping so lemme know if i need some special player or whatever

nice site!
nice vids!

. . . . . :tup:

i cant get the vids…

thanks man
very good site
i want more!!!

gotta wait about 30 sec to connect to download the vids

try downloading them in IE – i know it worked for me

sawada vs mago - staring contest of PAIN

Yeah, you might not want to link directly to the FTP holding the videos, especially with your username/password in the link. Not only does it cause problems with people downloading, it certainly isn’t secure.

That said, AWESOME videos!!

komemaru vs kim

I didn’t watch the Blanka part because C-Blanka gets no love from me. C-Sagat and Rolento are very strong characters which I highly respect and always look forward to watch though (especially against scrub friendly characters like A-Sakura).

01:45- Full meter Sagat’s trying make Sakura burn her meter while he still has life to spare so he doesn’t have to worry about the CC later?

04:44- Rolento goes for an alpha counter? It looked like either Rolento tried to AC the jump in attack, messed up and was still mashing, or Rolento got impatient and tried to take the easy way out and AC the likely crouching short to get control back. A big mistake I think as gay groove can CC through the Rolento AC on reaction for free. :sad: I have no idea why Kyo got greedy and went for the ground CC after seeing the Rolento f+MK move. Anti-air CC on reaction would of won him the match at that point, but Kyo player messed up.

edit: Oops, I missed seeing the Rolento airblock. There was no mashing after all. It was either a chicken block, AC attempt or a chicken block, trip guard d.MK attempt that got messed up.

I’m going to spend time practicing punishing the Rolento f+MK move on sight with my most damaging options for every character I have after watching this vid and the many another vids I’ve seen Shiro randomly (or intentionally?) get this move.

Anyway, a good game overall, but Kim got hella lucky and I’m positive he knows it too. :rofl: Thanks for sharing as in addition to the two moments that stood out to me and I commented on, I also picked up some useful things basics-wise I can use against generic A-Sakura, which is always great.

Just curious kcxj,
Do Kyo’s ground CC’s start with upper? To me, it looks like the Kyo player wasn’t sure if his uppercut would reach from that far. So he walks forwards, activates, and tries the uppercut, but he was too slow, and ends up getting blocked instead. No point in hitting rolento with any normals, since he’s airborne during f+MK and will pop back to his feet. The killer was Kyo wasn’t expecting it, so he reacts slow, and the walk up was too slow. Uppercutting in CC mode is the right decision, since he needs a knockdown to guarantee the combo, just his reflexes weren’t on point. Just an opinion though.

The match was shifting towards Komemaru’s favor, so I tried a eager alpha counter, which I fucked up, therefore getting the pogo move. He slightly hesitated, thats why his custom didn’t hit me.

Please, if anyone has the EVOLUTION semi-final matches: Kim(C-Blanka/Sagat/Rolento) vs Kindebu(A-Sakura/Bison/Blanka) and/or Kim(C-Blanka/Sagat/Rolento) vs Eric Lee(K-Rock/Kim/Cammy). Please contact me on AIM at ohayo1234 or post in this thread. Laugh actually has my match vs Eric Lee, but is missing the third match. Thanks.

Btw, otaku vs makoto video is now up.


yo i think we have some of those matchs. I can get them next week the earlest