CvS2 Tiering

Can anyone give me the rundown of the general tiers now-a-days?
I picked up the game again and I figure that they may have changed a bit since the last time I played.
I have been using ken, cammy, and iori as of late - i figure they still are near the top.
I also assume that Blanks and Saggy are still reigninsupreme. In anycase, if i can get the accepted tiers that would be swell. I also dont need rants about how x is really top tier and then flames about how scrubs should stop whining and accept reality, etc…
just the f.a.c.t.s.
any takers?
sankyuu beri machi.

God tier: S-Kyosuke
Top tier: A-King, K-Benimaru, S-Chang

the rest are the suck…

for fucks sake Gen, stop being an ass and actually contribute something

to you good sir: alot of good threads just die here in cvs2 forums…

it was the best i could find… try putting the show threads form the beginning on the bottom of the forum and just look through the pages, you will see some good stuff, like a died K-groove topic and a died C-groove topic… you will be amazed what you learn =)

thank you Gen.d00dz , did you read the section about worthless rants or are you selectively illiterate?

and seriously thank you DooM, I will take a look.