CvS2 team tournament?

Last years experience told me… I’m not the right person to organize this. Anyone want to take responsibility and hold one, EVEN AN OFFICIAL ONE. OMG !!! OMG!!!.. beaches…


Last year wasn’t your fault… so I think you should do it again this year.

this would be nice
but yeah, it’s not gonna happen

I wonder if BYOC will be open on the day before pools, that seems like a better time to do something like that.

Maybe you can try a test run at EVO West, IIRC somewhere it says that BYOC @ west will be open friday night?

EDIT: in case someone still reads this, BYOC is not open friday

Dont tell me ill have bring back team sandbaggers for this one…

Team Tourney + Evo = Pain for alot of people if they play me…I’m a fuckin’ legend !!!

 -D R B

I would love to see this cvs2 team tournament…
2k4, it was cancelled
2k5, who bothered?
2k6… You?

Anyone doing this? I could use dreamcasts…