CVS2 Team analysis: Team T-MaCK (AKA Team Red Death)

So I have gotten back into playing CVS2 and I have been going at it with a team of Terry, Mai, and Ken in C grove making Mai my ratio 2. So far this team has proven unstoppable for me but I was wondering if there ware any weaknesses that you see? Anything that I might be able to exploit (that I might not be already)?

come on now, i mean seriously; come on.

Check the CVS2 forums, but all three of those characters are good (cept terry who is medicore), but just not on the same team. I’m not saying you need a Blanka or Sagat, but make sure to get a well defined battery…Mai maybe…then Ken for a user. Terry wont cut it as an anchor (mine wont anyways), and Mai shouldnt be a R2.

mai=top tier.

what he said.

terry’s dash is good though. and his sweep is alright.

i’d say mai, terry, ken2

since ken is an alright anchor.
and terry has alright level 1 buster wolf.

lol go to ECC wit dat team and i’m sure it’ll be stopped

Thats the worst team I’ve ever heard.


WTF, Terry is the shit!!


Yeah terry is the shit…in MEXICO!!!

try A-groove bison, eagle, kenR2 :karate:

I am here in Cali. I am no master, but my A-groove Terry is no fucking joke. Those that have played me know
that. :encore:

He is no joke in K or A groove. I can play Sagat, Cammy, Blanka too, but Terry can kick ass too and is more fun. I have played against the best with my Terry, so you I am no Terry scrub :clap: :karate:

In Mexico we don’t even play Cvs2, funny huh?


:clap: :clap: :rofl: :lol: :rofl:


I use all those characters, but not on the same team. I’ll have to try that.

Never could get Mai down in a dashing groove. Too much of a loss of mobility. I play a mobile (read: not run-away, but constantly moving) Mai game and I just can’t get down with her in dash.

And despite beliefs to the contrary, Mai can be a good ratio 2. She always anchors my team down, and I’ve had quite a bit of success with her, though it took quite a bit of refining and work to get her to where she is now. An easier choice would be Ken or Terry as 2 and Mai in front as rat. 1 battery.


This is the worst thread i’ve ever seen.

Evaluate my team? :tdown: