CVS2, MVC2, and ST, results from Philly 10-19-2002

Yo players thanks for coming i hope to see you all next weekend.

And for once let try to get all the players here.

1st.–Julian R.
2nd.–Som D.
3rd.–Alex A.
4th.–Josh W
t5th.–Kalick T.
t5th.–Jason T.

1st.–Josh W.
2nd.–Brandon D.
3rd.–Rick M.
4th.–Bryheem K.
t5th.–Julian R.
t5th.–Jordan H.

1st.–David S.
2nd.–Julian R.
4th.–Kalick T.
t5th–Eric S.

Again i hope everyone can make it back next and i hope some of the missing players will show up to.

MIA list Ray, Damian, Marcus, Sporty, Eric, Warren, and a few other local players.:frowning:

i’ll try to make it to the next one. I don’t really play anymore tho, so i’m prolly gonna be even worse than i usually am…

Ill try to come if you have a tourney this upcoming weekend.

Som D chopped and rolled the competition tight… anyone have the teams for marvel? I know rick is saving shit for nec3…

haha…i needed a new, real(cause i’m real), distinct name for myself since i am planning on greatness in mvc2 one day. so i made this one. wow, josh came back and won this one too, did you goto flushing or CTF on friday josh? shieettt…i just spent two thousand dollars on repairs to my car so im sooo broke:( :frowning: :frowning:

oh well…i’ll see if the repairs are done by saturday and i’ll come up with as many people as i can fit in my car to add more money to the pot.


Rick is not saving anything for nec3 damian, josh handled him very well in their match, and i played him well myself but rick is very hard only because of his defense. His offense is good also but i say his game is in his defense.

the teams were…

Josh Wong(lazy j) : sent/storm/capcom mag/cable/sent

Brandon Deshields(demon hyo) : ironman/strom/sent (team hyo)

Rick Mears: sent/storm/capcom blackheart/sent/capcom

brandon messed up rick so bad just like the way i said he would in the tournamentsevents thread. guess the only way he can win is when he doesnt meet us in a tournament.


well, i managed to pull out another miraculous 5th place again for my first apex points…i’m happy…:smiley:

I would have won like the past 3 tournaments probally, but the mighty josh wong has been the road block in my way. But it is good that i play against him in the finals as much as i can, because it just makes me better, and better. We always have very close finals matches anyway.

Also, thanks for the props josh. Rick can’t stop us both:evil: :evil:

Wow! Brandon was a monster in this tournament! Hope to see him again this weekend.

Question: What’s up w/ Kalick being called “The Janitor”?

Nice new name.