CVS2 Inspired Art (Taking Requests)

Some CvS2 stuff I did recently. If anyone wants one let me know what groove you use, your characters, ratios, and what costumes you pick. - My team - One of my brother’s teams

EDIT: All of my current CvS2 works and the latest ones I did for Snaaaake[details=Spoiler]


Kane Blueriver’s team [details=Spoiler]


Verstande’s Team [details=Spoiler]


Snaaaake’s other team [details=Spoiler]

[/details] - My older brother’s team

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K Groove Athena/Joe/Blanka

Here you go,

Sorry it took so long to respond, I have been getting ready to move. TY

I have a few i 'd like to request. I have a friend who doesn’t have an account

Ryu/Ken/Sagat K groove

Ken/Cammy/Sagat K groove

What’s your friend’s gametag?

Here, if this isn’t your team and the other is let me know. I wasn’t sure who’s team was who’s so I assumed your team was the first one.

a-vega/rolento/bison plz :eek:




thanks lol8-)

great stuff. if you ever get a chance, can you do a sakura/bison/mai r2 A groove?

Pained Auron’s team. Download available at my Deviantart [details=Spoiler][’]


Thanks. This looks great. Can’t wait to download it when I get back on my computer.

If it isn’t difficult, do you think you could do something a little different by using MvC2 characters and art? (MvC2 groove)
I was thinking of a team Scrub theme - Cable (B assist), Sentinel (Y Assist), Captain Commando (B Assist)

Instead of Run, Just Defend, etc. you could do something like Wave Dash, Guard Crush, Aerial Rave, Fast Fly, or AHVBx3 (Anything that would make sense with the available art)

If you can’t replace the text/art for the CvS2 subsystems then roll, dash, and air guard could be used.

If you aren’t familiar with MvC2 or whatever then let me know.

Yeah I can work something like that out. When I finish I’ll probably make a new thread for it.

Can we still post requests of this :(? It’s too godlike.

A-groove king/sakura/mai

^you requesting…cvs2 stuff? lol

aye! bruh can I get a k-rock/hibiki/rolento :cool:

I’ve been busy lately but will get on this as soon as I can.