CvS2 Combo Videos

Here’s a website that I’ve been looking for close to a year because I didn’t save it as my favorites. But I’ve found it and I wanted everyone else to check out some of the HELLIFYING combos on this site…that is if you’ve already seen them. Here’s the link:

Just click on a character that you want to watch then a dialog box will appear stating installing language packs. Just hit close and you’re on your way. Information (which is in Japanese so if you can read it then it’s a piece of cake) is to the left and the video is to the right. Just click “Start” and enjoy. Also, if you go to the index page there’s a outfit color section so look into that.


Thanks for the link Markudea. Some solid stuff on there.


I see my thread is CLEARLY DEAD (just like most of the hype of CvS2), but I made some nice vids back around last Christmas of combos I’ve NEVER seen online and I’m confident about that. When you have time, check them out:

Here’s an appetizer vid of my collection. Enjoy :).