CvS2: Character // Counter-Character

Okay, in tournaments, it’s a good idea to have counter-characters to characters whom you have trouble fighting against, top-tier characters, and commonly used characters. List your Character // Counter-Character matchups, and explain them…

Here are mine. Keep in mind that Counter-Character does not imply that you will always win with this matchup. It merely implies that I find myself with the upper hand.

Sagat // Athena: All of Sagats jumping and hopping attacks lose to Athena’s c.HP. On the ground, c.HP beats all of Sagat’s normals too, with the exception of Sagat’s own c.HP which trades. This stunts Sagat’s ability to attack her, while Athena can run away and throw Psycho Balls to build meter for free, which is best used towards her killer Custom Combos.

Blanka // Hibiki: If Blanka leaves the ground, Hibiki can s.HP him down in under almost any circumstances. Hops are harder to react with s.HP, so c.HP works well or hop straight up and HP. On the ground, and blocked HP/HK attack or ball results in a free slash for Hibiki. Hibiki can cement her feet to the ground and still beat Blanka.

Vega // Chun-Li: Chun-Li’s got the best air game in all of CvS2, which is the best way to get around Vega’s killer ground game. Vega has trouble dealing with Chun-Li’s j.LK, especially as a crossover. Free jump-ins are always a good thing. If Vega decides to jump or barcelona, a c.HK or a j.MK will take him down.

Bison // Sagat: I find Sagat’s fierces to absolutely maul Bison, especially s.HP. Just stay in a good range (just outside sweep distance), and poke Bison to death. Pay attention to whether Bison is charged or not and be more careful when he is charged or else you’ll eat a RC Psycho Crusher…

Anyone else??

Actually Vega counters Chun-Li IMO.

Chun-Li can’t do much about Vega’s crouching MP… and if she tries to cross up Vega can just walk back and HK her. Also Vega jumping HP beats out Chun’s crouching HK.


Blanka//Honda. beats blanka c.fp, headbutt beats ball, honda is fat.

Yamazaki//Rolento. Yamazaki is all about cntrolling space, and with Rolento bouncing all over the fucking screen, what can Yamazaki do? No snake hands, and pretty much no s.rh either, cause Rolento is rarely in that range.

Hibiki//Balrog. Hibiki can’t use her qcf+p, EVER, against balrog, cause hit or blocked he can either jab dash straight or either lv3 super. Someone should elaborate on this though, because hibiki can use certain pokes against Balrog really effectively, but Balrog might have counter-pokes, so i really don’t know.

Any of these could be complete bullshit, so please correct me.

That’s the secret to the whole match up, you know.

You know there was a counter team thread:

In a Hibiki//Balrog match, true Hibiki can’t use qcf+p ever because it can be freely punished, but I read Hibiki doesn’t need that move to win this match. She can sit back and crouching jab/fierce for 99 seconds and probably win. Just don’t eat a super. I forgot where I read this, and I haven’t really tried it.

The most commonly mentioned Hibiki counter is PsychoBison, especially with low jumps. Once the knee presses come out, she gets really jammed. I read that in Buktooth’s old Hibiki thread.

I seem to remember that rog can outpoke her with something though… I really can’t remember…

Virtually Anyone//Rock

RC’d rage runs through fireballs equates to a free combo. In N groove, you can cancel a run into an RC’d rage run, this is advantageous because of the distance nature rage runs carry with ‘em. lk = free knock down, mk = combo, hk = easy 360 throw combo start. His run goes underneath Sagat’s high fb. Um… you really can’t go wrong with Rock as far as most things go. He’s always worth mentioning as a counter measure. Not to mention, you can always poke pretty fuckin’ well with him. A well timed ragining storm is another benefit to a good rock.

box>> Yeah, that’s possible… Well, a lot of it depends on the metagame and who you’re playing against, but yeah, the match might not favor Chun-Li as much as I think.

RollingStart>> Yup. Blanka//Honda I agree with. Same with Yamazaki//Rolento, but I don’t have to deal with many Yamazaki’s here. As for Hibiki, I’d have to go with Chun-Li or Bison or Rolento. As for Balrog over Hibiki, I think the match is in Hibiki’s favor, but not by much. In any case, I don’t think Balrog is a Hibiki counter…not for those reasons anways. Hibiki can hit Balrog with the swipe when Balrog isn’t charged.

Mummy-B>> Not necessarily. Raiden is fatter than Honda (in terms of volume AND weight), but he still sucks ass.

Ultrascrub>> Yup, I agree with you there. Bison rapes Hibiki for free. Headstomps and Devil’s Reverse beats out that s.HP, and once Bison starts making Hibiki blocking hits, she’s screwed.

Gethy>> That’s retarded. Get the fuck out of my thread.

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“Virtually Anyone//Rock”

That’s the most brilliant thing I’ve ever heard…

Does anyone have anything INTELLIGENT to add?

Dare I remind you of B5?

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i think hibiki can beat balrog… only an experienced hibiki player though… her pokes are just better…


Rugal vs Cammy

Rugal’s low RH straight up beats cannon Drill. Rugal’s crouch fierce beats anything that cammy can throw out at that range. Cammy has to make him whiff to get in.

Vega vs Rugal

Low Fierce beats air dive. Vega’s pokes are better, and beat almost all of Rugals. Key is never ever jump. The only thing Rugal has is jump back fierce (that beats everything Vega throws out).

Bison vs Hibiki

any QCF Slash or Running Slash by Hibiki equals free RH Scissors or SUper physcho crusher. Also, Hibiki can’t stop the scissor links.

Bison vs Dan

Don’t laugh. Dan can’t retaliate Bison’s Phycho crusher. Only a lvl 3 uppercut super will hit him, and that only one time or so.

Hibiki vs Honda

Honda simply gets destroyed by Hibiki. Any blocked headbutt is free QCF+ Slash. And She can Slash all day unless Honda has a Lvl 3 super (only way he can retaliate).
All of her moves beat Headbutts, pokes, and jump ins. Simply put, Hibiki is the better turtle.

Psylocke>> Nobody said that Hibiki can’t beat Balrog.

We’re talking about Counter-Characters who have favorable matchups.

Renegade>> Does Dan really need a counter character?


Dan Retaliates PsychoBison’s Psycho Crusher with his S.MP. I do it All the time. It’s a Free given. Hp too.

Roki, you sure? I have to try it out. Dan doesn’t have any normal that’s in the range of the normals most other chars use to hit bison.

No, dan doesn’t need a counter char… but if I’m right, it makes the match 10-0 for Bison.


vega / / rugal : rugal can throw ground fireballs and vega cant throw a fireball back at him. vega can only jump at him. when he jumps do genocide cutter. rugal wins for free.

cammy / / balrog : balrog can stay far away and punch her in the mouth with st. fierce. if she gets too close then he can do st. punch because if they get hit they move back and if they block they move back. if she jumps he can do down fierce and punch her out of the air.

bison / / hibiki : bison cant win because if he does psycho crusher she can block and do qcf jab and slice his ass. if bison does slide then she can block and slice his ass some more. if he jumps at hibiki she canjump and do jab.

sagat / / ryo : ryo can throw fireballs at sagat and sagat either has to throw fireballs to trade or jump at ryo. when sagat jump ryo does dragonpunch and sagat go flying back to other side. also ryo has airfireball. sagat will think he is going to kick him and do tiger uppercut but really he will tigeruppercut and airfireball will hit him.

chun li / / zangief : chunli is good but zangief has no problem. if she throw fireballs use spinning backhand to close distance and if she jump at gief with her short he can do super airgrab and slam her on her ass. he can throw crouching fierce at her too because she cant reach him at that distance.

athena / / rock : if athena try to low fierce rock can do mid counter. and kick her on her dome. and if she jump then raging storm. if she throws fireball then double reppuken so you cancel hers out but yours keeps going. if she does spinning airball thingy than higher counter. owned!

yamazaki / / dan : if yamazaki tries to snakehand then dan can do dragonpunch and hit his hand even if yamazaki is far away. and if he jump in to get range but not above you then throw fireball to back him up. and if he has level you can runaway with sj back and gail kick.

ok well no charge for my advice guys. but if you win a tournament with my advice tell them who you heard if from. lol just kidding you dont have to thank me really. i try to help everyone out even if they arent as good as me. ok bye.

Vega owns about 80% of the cast because of walking speed, range, and jump speed. His s.rh is a crazy anti-air, and he can do low fierce as well. Patient Vega (jiggling) is hard to get around. Sakura, Kyo, Nako, Rolento and Bison seem to me to have the easiest time on Vega. Hibiki just get’s slaughtered, as well as Chun-Li. Rugal does NOT own Vega. Vega’s jump is too fast for Rugal to Genocide Cutter him. S.strong or s.rh do not anti air Vega well either.

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