CVS2 Av request

It would be wonderful if someone made me a av, of Chun, sagat, and cammy, in that order from left to right, and all in white uniform or trucks for sagat and with a p-grove under it would be nice. Oh and have Yoh! somewhere that ppl can c it. I would do it myself but i can find the white uniforms for them. So thanx for the person that does it. :tup:

Heh…team justin wong eh?

I didnt no he chose an all white team too?
That the only combination of colours that they all have and looks good. I like the pink combination but sagat doesnt have one or not that i no off.

i’ll do it.

done, enjoy.

Damn, you havnt seen you do anything at all lately blodia. OMG come back!

And that typo is clever, and very hawt.

slowly but surely, brotha-from-anotha-motha-in-da-midwest. =D

Omg, f***en sweet shit. Thanx alot bro. Love how everything fits together. You r the coolest :tup:

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

no problem.