CvS2/3s Console Tournament 4/29/06 in Walnut, CA

I am going to be throwing a CvS2 and a 3s tourney side by side with the Naruto and GG:Slash tourney already planned. I wanted to make a new thread so if people play this game and not those, they won’t miss out on them.

Casuals/Practice around 12:00
Sign ups at 1:00
Tourney starts at 2:00. Don’t show up late, damn you slow SRKers

Entry Fee: $7
-PS2 version. Any setting that is allowed in the control config is legal. No turbo/custom macros.
-All winners bracket matches best 2/3.
-Winners finals best 3/5.
-Losers bracket best of 1 (unless, as determined at the beginning of the losers bracket, there is enough time to go 2/3).
-No Shin Rugal/Shin Akuma/Evil Ryu/Orochi Ioro allowed.
-Pausing will result in loss of that character. Opponent will be allowed to kill you off, and the match will resume from there.

Entry Fee: $7
-PS2 Version. Any setting allowed in the control config is legal. No turbo/custom macros
-All matches best 2/3 except grand finals, which is best 3/5
-No Gill
-Pausing will result in the loss of that round.

As well, there will be Naruto 4 and GG:Slash tourneys running. Check out this thread: as it is the main thread for this event.

See you there!

Who’s going to this? Console tournament too, so i can bring my jap stick.

not really planning on going, but i got a question about this. what if player 1 pauses, player 2 now gets the opportunity to kill player 1, and instead sits there and builds meter before killing player 1 off? would that be allowed too?

haha i was thinking the same thing. I think, who ever pauses, is disqualified. period.

But thats also fucking dumb cuz, what if you hella accidently pressed it? Since mine are on the side, it sometimes happens.

That implies that if you pause for an extended period of time(i.e.: answering your cell))it warrants a disqualification. If it’s something accidental that lasts for like less than a sec or two, don’t think anything of it.

Even accidental pauses should result in disqualification IMO. Say your opponent is mid-combo, and you accidently pause. You’ve fucked up the flow of the match. Accidental or not, it is your fault. I always thought losing the entire match based on a pause was kinda overkill, but if you guys think that losing 1 character presents too much of a problem, I’m all for loss of the match for a pause. Or perhaps even 1 free combo, which might favor certain characters over others.

I’ll go

dizzam good shit. this place is so close to home…
i’m willing to bring a tv, ps2, and a copy of cvs2 so we can get another setup going. (make losers 2/3 :stuck_out_tongue: )

If bean goes, i’m not going.

Yeah, if we can have 2 setups going, then CvS2 should be 2/3 no problem. And then it might actually finish at a decent hour… and then we could have gasp casuals at a tourney?

And Money Matches!!!

sadly we probably need another tv to get that going, lol. should also have a rule that forces the two players to go to options before the match to change their controls/make sure so there won’t be further delays. oh yea and bring your own sticks. i can provide maybe 2 american sticks (p360 mas and a p360 custom)

ps: if you need help running either game i can help.

Noi want to do it,

let me spend the night at your house the night before the tourny. i want to have your mom make me cookies. <3


If there’s time and interest, we could do a bunch of side events. Team tourney. Random Royal Rumble. I had an idea where, in a tournament, you choose your OPPONENTS team. Would make for some hella fucked up matches.

s-king/ryo/kyosuke FUN FOR EVERYONE!!!1

any 3s heads attending this event?

hey dude, what if it isn’t your fault for the pause?
like say you’re playing and some fool trips over your PS2 cable for your stick and it triggers a pause?

let me spend the night at your house the night before the tourny. i want to have your mom make me cookies. <3


Then whoever is stupid enough to walk between your stick and the tv will be dragged out back, beaten to near death, and dropped off in a dumpster somewhere.