CvS2 3on3 Team Tournament 07/13/08

Really fun tournament which supposedly was Bas’s last tournament in Japan. To make a long story short, Bas doesn’t feel challenged anymore so he said it’s his last tourney. In response to this, hella good players are now challenging BAS to sets in CvS2. I’ll try my best to record those when they happen. So…EVO maybe his last tourney ever.

1st: BAS(A), Kosaka(A), Mizoteru(K)
2nd: Pinokio(K), Mii chan(K), GAO(K)
3rd: Ken/Vega/Sagat©, Yane(K), CHAPA OU(K)

Videos can be seen here


P.S. Someone record Evo semifinal and pool matches please. I won’t be able to go to EVO this year, so I really want to see them.

What a crappy reason to stop playing:rofl: good matches though:wink:

Kim, you tell Bas cole says " You better pick up a new SF game ya dirty beeyatch!!!" Bas cant be leaving the SF scene!