Custom Sticks made to order

**Hey guys, My name is jUtmAN22! I am a custom stick builder and would love to show you some of my work (though all sticks below have now been sold). I use premium materials (Hard maple, cherry Oak hand crafted frames) and premium coponents (Sanwa, Seimitsu and so on) and my sticks are made to order. Most of my builds are duel mod (PS3,Xbox 360, PC, MAC). Be great to hear what you think!!! A link to my Joystick vault page can be found in my signature (there is more of my work there)


‘in progress’

DC stick

Duel mod stick (PS3/360)

Finished hand crafted hard maple case

‘Bare bones’ stick awaiting artwork and plexi


LED mod

Wow, those customs look fantastic, I especially love the wiring job. Do you have any prices?

Thanks!! PM sent

You should post up prices.

Hmmmm, I have got set prices but like to deal with people first hand, hence POA. Though saying that, if more people agree with you I may do this. Thanks for feedback!

I agree. Post up a price to gain interest.

SRK Trading Outlet Rules say you have to post prices.
No telling Buyer to set price for your items.

You can tell Buyer to offer you prices though.
But only if you first provide a price.

Hi jUtmAN22!, I’m new to the forum and may be interested for the right price otherwise I will build my own :slight_smile:

  • Shipping to Sydney, Australia…

Hi guys, no worries,

Based on a top end build (hand crafted hard maple/oak, full Seimitsu/Sanwa components plus bespoke artwork) costs are;

PS3 or Xbox 360 only - 269GBP*
Dreamcast - 269GBP
PS3 & Xbox 360 - 289GBP*
Blank cases (includes steel top pannel, plexi glass and underside pannel - plus holes as required) also available - 79GBP*
*Plus shipping (shipping will be at cost)

Oh wow.
Didn’t notice Metal Control Panel!

If youde be willing to make one with a korean taeyoung stick Ide be very interested!

WOW the illidan stormrage one is amazing.

TY! oh … I have got a new Youtube page - check it out guys!! :stuck_out_tongue: YouTube - JutmanCustoms’s Channel
Please subscribe/comment and so on!! cheers!

Hey guys, I thought I would add some of my videos of competed custom sticks - there are many more on my You-Tube page :smiley:

would this price be the same if we wanted xbox 360 only?

Xbox 360 only is 279GBP

Hey Guys,

Only got a handful of orders on so … prices reduced!!! see below;

PS3 or Xbox 360 only - 269GBP*
Dreamcast - 269GBP
PS3 & Xbox 360 - 289GBP*
Blank cases - 80GBP*
*Plus shipping (shipping will be at cost)

Damn, for the quality, looks hella nice.

If I didn’t get raped from GBP to CAD I’d definitely pick one up.

Thanks for the kind words buddy!

PM - incoming!!