Custom Stick/PCB Hack Problem: Stick input not working


I got the following problem.
I modded an Agetec stick with a Sanwa stick(JLF-TP-8Y) and ps1 3rd party dual shock pcb a while ago.
Everything was working fine until one day it was as if the stick would always be pressed down. (i.e. in sf3 my character would always crouch, although the stick was in neutral position. When I pushed the stick up the character would stand up and moving the stick left and right was still working properly).

I tried to resolder the contacts of the stick but the problem persisted. Then I checked the microswitches of the stick with an electrometer but they are all ok.

So now I took the pcb out and replaced it with one from a PS1 non-analog 3rd party pad which was working fine when I checked it in WinXP with my PStoPC adapter.
Then I resoldered everything but now only the buttons are working and the stick’s input doesn’t work neither in WinXP nor on the playstation itself.

I am pretty sure that everything is wired up correctly. Here are some pictures of the pcb (I never soldered anything before so it looks quite messy):

Can anyone tell me wherein the problem lies or what to do?
I would appreciate it very much.