Custom stick builder needed?

There doesnt seem to be threads for this where/who would i want to be contacting to get this done?

Anyone reading this who can build cases too pm me!

-if this is in the wrong place do move the thread for me thanks.

I’ve seen this one guy in the internet who makes REALLY nice custom sticks but they’re expensive. Here’s the website:



There is, the thread has been sticked too.
Need a Modder in Your Area? Check This Post

Not every person can build I case and everything for you that is listed, but it is a list of everyone that does stuff to arcade sticks or build arcade sticks for other people.

You can also try the**Trading Outlet** as some people advertise and sell there services there

Yes B15 can built you a terrific stick, but there are others who also build custom sticks.
Worst you can do is talk to a modder and he or she not built you a stick, but he or she will point you to someone you can

Other people includes (in no particular order, forgive me if I looked someone else over, this is what I just did off the top of my head)

Gummowned’s modding services

James&James So Cal Modding

Project GiantSword




And even if a modder can’t build you a case them self, they would know who to go to to get a nice custom case**,** assuming of course they are willing to build the rest of the stick.

I just paid 350 EUR to my car mechanic for repairing a rear headlight (3.5 man-hour). Then dare say B15 pieces of art are expensive :frowning: (Building a nice custom stick takes forever)

thanks for the info gaiz