Custom stick (Budget: ~$260)

It’s finally time to get my first all custom fight stick and looking for some input and inspiration.
Ive already got a joystick and buttons to spare.
Going for a 6 button layout and trying to keep it as clean as possible and symmetrical, plugging a 8 button layout isnt interesting. The PCB must have a solder free solution!

Currently Im thinking about getting a Panzer Fight Stick case and Toodles Cthulhu PCB, should be within my budget.
Also thinking about adding some more cash and getting a B15 SDM stick, but that would be kind of a strech right now.
One more thing Ive looked at is the FoeHammer, but Im not sold on any of their designs.
Edit: Checked out the cases, placed an order with them a long time ago and they fucked up so kinda out of the question.

Not really interested in a factory stick, but if the Atrox drop in price that is a option. The new Mad Catz stick (TE2?) is kinda interesting but the not sold on the design.

What I need:
Wires (for PCB) & cable (USB from stick to PC)
Neutrik (USB)

The only system I play on is PC, the few friends I have that dont play on PC play on 360 so dual mod PCB isnt super important.

Any tips or suggestion is welcome

If only wanting it for PC then you could save money by installing a Zero Delay encoder instead. They also come with all the wiring you’ll need. Just make sure you get the correct version depending on your button & joystick config.

You’re not finding a straight 360 PCB that is solderless unless someone sells you a TE PCB as well as the terminal block, I can tell you that straight up.

I COULD hypothetically get you a SunGa 360 board which is solder free, but I personally don’t recommend them, and I’d have to ship it from China which would negate the cheapness of which I can purchase them for.

The options you’re looking at are the Paewang Revolution PCB from, which is PS3/360 compatible, and the plug for QDs. You may still have to solder that on, IDK. Otherwise, PS360+, which is solder free, but out of stock everywhere.

Cthulhu will not satisfy what you want. If you’re planning on playing on 360, Cthulhu doesn’t have 360 support. The only way to technically get 360 support without a dual mod there is to get a MC Cthulhu, crimp a PS2 cable, then get an Xtokki converter, which is also out of stock.

You are most likely not getting a B15 for under $250. Not sure about FoeHammer, or even a fully made stick from Jasen. I think you ought to let someone take care of your wiring if you only need PC/360 support, because that opens up your options a TON.

^ He only wants it working on PC, dude.

Eh, I saw this,

and figured that he needed it for PC/360, and other systems were unimportant.

If it’s JUST PC, then slapping in a Cthulhu/Chimp/ZD and calling it a day. But if he’s wanting 360 functionality on top of PC, then it changes things.

Say I dont want anything extream, just a symetrical design (much like Mad Catz TE sticks, but all around) and with out buttons or joystick… How much do you think I would have to pay? Been looking at the site and $500 is far outside what I would like to pay.

Speaking about PCB, dose the AKISHOP PS360+ or Morpheus PCB work better? Jasenscustoms recomended the Morpheus and it looks like it a solder free solution

I gutted my TE stick and removed the PS3 PCB and replaced it with my other PRO stick 360 PCB, would like to have two sticks that works with PC so I dont want to gut my TE stick. Is there demand for PS3 PCB (with wires and everything) from a TE stick and if so, you think its easy to trade it on the SRK market?

If its a $25 differece to get 360 support as well, then I would rather just fuck it and go PC only with a Cthulhu.

I’d stick with the panzer if it were me. Nice clean look, well within your budget (particularly since you already have the stick and buttons), and super durable to boot. One thing I’d add is that a neutrik usb pass through, though would be a bit more challenging to rig up if you went with the zd encoder (you would have to do some usb splicing). I’d also consider buying a pre assembled wiring harness (not applicable if you take the zd route which comes with its own plug and play not so neat looking wires) to simplify hook up and keep it all neat inside.

How dose this work with something like the Cthulhu? Would I need anything more then the cable from the PCB to teh neutrik usb socket and a standard USB cable from the stick to my PC?

That’s correct. With the cthulhu, you would use a short cable from the pcb to the pass through, then a cable from the pass through to the pc.

I forgot to add that you may want some acoustic foam to quiet down the panzer if you go with that case.

Why? Connecting a Neutrik to a ZD encoder is no more difficult than connecting a Cthulhu. Just plug the pre-made USB cable from the ZD to the back of the Neutrik.

ZD encoder is cheap, comes with all wiring, and solderless.

Playing on Windows, a 360 only PCB is just fine. If those are the only two systems you need, then for the ease of it all, I would just get a Madcatz Fightpad (not their generic controllers), and either learn to solder or have someone do it for you. These pads are really easy to set up in a stick.

Otherwise, yeah, get it PS3/PC only, but you would need to borrow sticks if you’re ever playing at someone’s house that is on 360.

Where can I pick that one up? The thing is that the shipping always fuck me since I live in Scandinavia, so if I have to order stuff from more then two (jasen’s customs + focusattack) it dose not matter if its cheaper. A rule of thumb is to pay about the same for shipping as the parts :confused:

I do got a 360 stick currently, so that wont be much of a issue. Guess that kinda settles that, going for a ps3/PC or PC only PCB

Guess I could pick up a PS4/Xbone PCB once they come out, feels kinda dumb to pay full price for a ancient dual mod ^^

If you don’t have an eBay account then try this store instead:

You can also get button & joystick kits from the same store:

Yeah, if you already have a 360 stick, then go for the ZD or a Cthulhu. You’d be set for two players on PC by default and you’d be set if you ever needed a PS3 stick as well. :tup:

I’ve got a panzer, a foehammer, have had MCZ TE & TE2s. Of those I would recommend the Panzer. Personally, I would get Jasen’s repro Lindbergh panel. He will be offering a custom case for it soon. I’ve seen the prototype and it is awesome.

Depends what you want, but seeing how you want the Panzer then you can also look at the etokki Omni(when it’s in stock) it’s also a really nice quality metal case like the Panzer and has a plexi to put custom art under it and works on PC(and ps3/360)

Also a new Mad Catz TE line is coming out in 6 days or so that might be worth a look if you don’t decide to go custom.

I think you might be able to get a Foe Hammer case with what you want for $260. I was at the shop the other day dropping off a stick and they had several empty shells laying around that they were planning on selling on Facebook. These are shells the old man makes as he experiments with shapes and designs. They are already painted and ready to go.
Here are two of them:

If you are looking at the Zero Delay pcb and no buttons or stick then a custom stick in that price range is doable.

That’s a lot of cable to keep inside a case, I’d shorten it and splice to the desired length.

Nah Im going to carry it around so that wont be a option. Looking for something that fit into a backpack, was thinking about getting a wide case but it seems that wouldnt fit into my backpack so Ill go with the regular one.