Custom p360 Mas Stick with DC/PS2/PS3/PC - $150 + shipping

This is a MAS stick with custom capcom overlay, DC/Ps2/Ps3/PC compatibility.

DC = Mad Catz Dreampad
PS2 = Dual Shock 1 A-series
PS3 = PS3 Cthulhu

P360 is a newer happ but is fully functioning. I have applied a molykote grease to prevent any grinding. Stick feels great.

Bottom grommets have been replaced with better grommets.

Shipping will be actual shipping rate. $150 OBO. Local pickup welcome in the bay area, ca.

Please let me know if you have any qs.

Question - Why a dualshock mod when there’s a cthulu board in there?

Because the cthulhu currently has some annoying plug/replug issues(and some issues with specific games) would be my guess.

This is a great deal in any case.

Oh… hmm, haven’t had anything like that. But yeah, great deal. I’d be interested had it not been for that p360.

Originally this was a ps2/dc mas stick, the PS3/PC cthulhu was added after and I didn’t feel like removing the psONE pad.