Custom Mod NES

This was a project I was working for a while, finally the weather cleared up enough where I could paint outdoors, and I did not have any pressing matters to attend to.

This is done as a Donation to Sticks of Joy where this bad boy will be raffled or auction off and the proceeds will go to the Child’s Play Charity.

Here it is

The Modded NES

Inside a Super Mario Bros/ Duck Hunt game cart

I Keep the Power and Reset Buttons Stock

The Matching Controller

Side view of the controller

Back side of the controller

The Whole Package

What do you guys think?

That looks really cool.

Thanks, Vinyl dye does wonders on plastic.

Nice paint job

I was thinking of doing something similar to a yellowed SNES if I found one.

I was not sure how to start with the Power and Reset buttons, I did not know if that print would run when vinyl dye was sprayed, and I want to keep some indicator of there functions. Ultimately I decided to keep them stock. The LED is also stock, which happens to be red.

pretty sick Dark

Hardest part was peeling of the controller decal with out ruining it.

I think the red came out better than the blue did, which looks uneven to me.