Custom Madcatz TE panels and plexis

Hey guys I’ve been doing some searching and I’m trying to find a way to get a hitbox panel for my Madcatz TE that is a panel and plexiglass seperate so I can add custom art. I know about Arts plexiglass and that’s what I’m currently using. I’m making this even harder by wanting a custom made one since I prefer 30mm with the vewlix style. I found but it doesn’t meet those preferences and it’s EU based. If anyone has any ideas on where I should go or who I should talk to I would greatly appreciate it.

Ended up emailing the guys at arcadeforge and they do make custom orders on the panels so I think I’ll be going that route.

Do you know where one could get inner metal panel for TE2 in hitbox layout? Does arcadeforge do that sort of thing?

Jasen from does it but he is closed for the time being. You might be able to message him on facebook and see how long until he’s back up.