Custom Joystick problems

Well, today finally got my Happ parts (competition buttons+P360) and before I start building my joystick, I want to solve some doubts I got.

This is the Pin map of the spiffyshoes’s solderless hack in an A-Series Dualshock

16 - R2
15 - R1
14 - T
13 - C
12 - X
11 - S
10 - Start
9 - Select
8 - Analog
7 - Ground
6 - Left
5 - Down
4 - Right
3 - Up
2 - L1
1 - L2

And this is the photo.

If I plan to use 11 buttons, and a P360 (4 directions), according with this photo, it seems like you need only 15 connections + 1 (all common ground), but P360 got 6 connectors, Left, Down, Right, Up, Ground and +5, I’m not able to locate where should I connect the +5.

I have connected the dualshock at my Ps2, and I measured with the multimeter, all points (I stick the Ground Probe at point 7, and touch the others points) but It seems that I only get 3.3v, I’m doing something wrong? or I got some kind of bad PSOne Dualshock Series-A?
What is the purpose of the metal sleeves? Protect the Handle against hits that can harm it with the wood/metal panel? What can happens if I don’t use it?

Thats all for now, I’m sure as soon as I start building it, more doubts show on, hope someone can guide me.


You’ll only get 3.3v.
That’s enough to power p360’s, though.

That’s my understanding, but I hate p360’s and have never used one.

well that makes sense :confused:

psx pads only supply 3.3 im not sure if its enough to power a p360 perfectly.
you can always use the dc-dc converter

I read this guide and seems like a Psone Dualshock works fine

Please, someone can confirm this? hope its not a fake :sad:

No, it’s legit.
Just be warned that some p360’s don’t like to play with the voltage a PSX provides. If yours work, great. If everything works but the stick, look into a DC-DC converter.

I’ve just read enough stuff from other people claiming it’s enough. That’s why I qualified it by saying “that’s my understanding”.

I had also read the guide on (posted above) claiming that it works, thus the reason I said what i did. =)

Toddles, where can I drain the Vcc for the P360? I’m quite sure if there is one person at this forum that knows it, that one its you.

Thanks in advance.

Look on the end of the PSX plug; theres nine pins total. The pin in the middle gets about 3.4v from the PSX/PS2. Most people tap there, just find out where the pin on the end is soldered onto the pcb and tap it there. Some p360’s work fine with the 3.4v, so give it a try. If it doesn’t work, and you’re sure you’re pulling power from the right spot, you’ll need to look into using a DC-DC step up converter.

I’m working now, but if I remember correctly I get like 9V. The ground of the P360 should be attached at those pins too, right?

Thank you very much for your help.

Edit. Seems like I totally skipped this photo

Sorry for waste your time, dudes.

Another Edit.

If this information is correct, its possible to use Pin N 3 (9 Volts unused) and make some kind of circuit with resistors to get 5v?