Custom joystick ball top

It took me two months to make a satisfactory mold, 3D print, paint and cast this first joystick ball top. I’m really excited to share this with people and design more embedments :smiley: Thanks for looking!

Good thing I’m a DBZ fan :wink: The quick way I can do within 48 hours is 3D printing a replica and casting it inside a clear sphere. The second option is researching dyes and figuring out how to individually place multiple objects. Hmmmmmm, I love the challenge, let me know what you were imagining.

Awesome work sir @cudbur …are you going to try bat tops too by chance?

That would make for a very nice dudley arcade stick, good job !

this is awesome… now all I need is a new stick… and a PS4… and a game to play with said stick/system lol

Dragonballs eh? Like this?

Looking at it, while it’s aesthetically impressive, the one big issue it has is that bit in the bottom where it connects to the shaft. With that bit being not inside the ball, it increases the shaft height beyond arcade standard and will make it feel as if the ball requires a longer throw. The screw hole for the shaft needs to be flush mounted inside the ball itself.

This… Needs green shaft cover (or metalcasted shaft) and Green dustwasher :wink:

I’ve been refining my molds and making progress on the perfect joystick ball top. Big thanks to Hokutoshura’s dragon ball link as a starting point to learn how to make the balls completely seamless. I’ve also learned how to embed high quality prints inside for really neat planetary effects or super specific themed builds.

Although these photo’s don’t show it, the threaded insert now fits completely inside the ball top.

Big thanks to all the for the encouraging comments!