Custom Hitbox Style Questions - SOCD Testing

So I purchased a secondhand Hitbox style controller from a guy here in China on whim. How does one go about testing for SOCD? I’m not very tech inclined but want to make sure that I don’t accidentally have a Cheatbox when I take this sucker back to the states for games with my buddies. I’ve already PM’d Amp but he’s a busy guy and I need to make sure this thing is legit NOW so that I can return it if its not usable for me.

My copy of SF:IV AE is damaged so all I have to test at the moment is KOF XIII(ps3), SFxT(ps3), Skullgirls(PC), and any low sysreq emulatable game for PC. I also do not have anyone to HELP me test this so hopefully it will be do-able in training mode or through record/play like in KOF. Any tips guys? And in case it helps below is an image of the PCB if that helps (at least it’ll help demonstrate my level of ignorance in these matters).

As for any potential questions as to why I don’t just use my stick in my travels; its because I don’t want to risk damage to my stick on the multiple transcontinental flights I will be taking soon and don’t have the disposable income to purchase another controller. The flat face of the hitbox makes it quite easy to transport. Also, I am relatively attracted to the input advantages after becoming acclimated - I ain’t gonna front.

I’m no expert on Hitboxes and SOCD, but I think the default accepted behavior is:
U+D = U
L+R = neutral
no matter the order of the inputs.

Yes I understand what the ACCEPTED behavior is but what I mean to say is how do I test if this controller behaves in that manner? I know it sounds simple but I know there are some variability in in-game behaviors even when the PCB has a SOCD cleaner (good example is MVC) so I don’t know how to properly diagnose. I guess more accurately, I’m trying to determine if this thing has an SOCD cleaner. I know I should ask the seller but I don’t know how to say any of these things in Chinese and simply negotiating the sale was hard enough with my limited mandarin capabilities.

plug in your stick and have buttons wired to your cardinal directions. Use window’s game applet controller to view the inputs by the game controller properties option. Check for the direction of the joystick when L+R are pressed and U+D. Depending on what is registered you may or may not need an SOCD Cleaner.

Thank you so much Pinoy. Off to work now, will test when back!

Another thing you could to is have it wired such that when you play a game, enter training mode and record an action for the computer to be both L&R being pressed. Then attack with basic mid attacks and attempt crossups with the recorded button presses being played by the computer. Also do the same with low attacks while having U+D recorded. Note that reactions vary by the game played and the reactions of the PCB.
Testing has been completed on this PCB, and an SOCD Cleaner is recommended:

Still at work, You are familiar with this PCB?

What do you need to know?

First off, I really appreciate how much help and focus you’re giving to my issue! It’s just that there is a lot of information in your prior post. There are even some quoted forum posts included in it, yet none of that text is sourced from this thread. I was just wondering relevance and also your flow of logic. Finally you bolded a statement saying: This PCB has been tested and an SOCD cleaner is recommended. Considering I have purchased a custom, not a Hitbox branded ABC, I was just wondering if you recognized the PCB itself? As well as what the quotes are all about (I mean, I know what they’re talking ABOUT but are they also talking about the PCB pictured?) Please understand that this is a garage kit, some Chinese kid built it all himself. He’s a worker for a factory that makes the cases for certain large companies like Madcatz.

Yeah, he probably recognized it.
Upon staring at it a bit more, I knew it looked familiar; the PCB is the Zero-Delay Rematch Plus.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Dammit… after googling around it seems you are correct. Are there any solder free solutions in regards to SOCD cleaning that won’t break the bank?

What kind of buttons are you using? The easiest thing I can think of would probably be to have someone assemble a toodles SOCD cleaner with appropriate connectors and ship it to you. You’d have to ask the modders, and I’m not sure what the shipping cost would be.

I live in China so the shipping + parts and labor would be equivalent to me just ordering ps360+ through an Asia distributor. I’m just going to save up and let this turn into a somewhat long term project. I’ll probably be back after the holidays to pester the board for help on installing a ps360+ because I’m so tech retarded.

Thanks for all the help guys. You really are fantastic!