Custom Guitar for Guitar Hero

has anyone done it?

it seems do-able since you can cut the joystick shaft down and use a 2-way restrictor, and then place something over it to make it like the strum thing, then some sanwa buttons.

I have thought about it but the problem is that you need a controller that acts the way a guitar controller does. If you were to use a PS PCB then you would just have to push the buttons to hit the notes and you wouldnt have to strum at all. And, if you were able to hook things up in such a way that the button would only act pressed when you hit a direction on the joy stick, something like a double switch for the button, you wouldnt be able to see which button you were holding down.

So if you wanted to make one that acted the same way as the guitar controller does then you would need someone to make you a custom PCB that would act in the same fashion as a guitar controller.

Actually, if you plug a Guitar Hero controller into a PS2 with SFIII running, you’ll find out that the controller has left constantly on and…

up strum = up
down strum = down
green = forgot
red = O
yellow = triangle
blue = X
orange = square

and I’m guessing the whammy is wired to one of the analogue sticks.

So, making a custom guitar would work. I’ve seen someone make one out of a Sanwa JLF and 3 OBSN buttons attached to a piece of wood. It was pretty funny to see.

Search around some guitar hero forums. You’ll find plenty of custom guitars.