Custom foam padding on bottom of stick

I use my Mad Catz SFXT V.S. without the pointy little feet at the bottom of the case, since I tend to play on my lap. It’s more comfortable than with the feet on, but the stick is a tiny bit less stable since the feet aren’t digging into my legs any more. Can anyone recommend a cheap material I could stick to the bottom of the case like on the new Mad Catz TE2s to make the surface more grippy?

You could probably manage with either the material that’s used to keep rugs from slipping or finding and cannibalizing a mouse pad that’s of similar dimensions to your stick.

I was thinking a mousemat would be perfect. I might try and look for some spares

I have a mousepad I can use for applying to one of my sticks, my question is, how would one keep it attached to the bottom metal panel?

After making sure that you weren’t covering up screw holes (or if necessary cutting holes in the mat) I’d imagine something like spray adhesive would be adequate.

3M dual side mounting tape comes to mind, less messy than spray and probably easier to remove actually.

I got a yoga matt and spray glue on my TE and namco. Get good glue and you are fine. Good grip and such. much tight.

i’v use these, cheap, works well on your pants.

i got this adhesive rubber foam, and it works amazing on my both table and on my lab.