Custom color Marvel on youtube

MvC2 matches

I have posted some matches of me and a friend using custom color and original BGM’s. This is clearly not to show off my skills, its for fun. I do not claim to be a top player of any sort nor do I guarantee your satisfaction. Once again we are not the best, we play for fun.

Enjoy the matches, music and colors. :tup:

  • if anyone wants my color codes let me know

Colors are cool, the Camera didn’t show the most of the detail though.

Personally, Rap/Hip Hop are hard songs to put in marvel because they rarely come out good while play. I’ve only seen two rap/hip hop songs that have done well in Marvel

  1. Pharcyde - Runnin’

  2. Masta Ace - Born to Roll

Usually Instrumental songs with good beats are what make good mixes. Also, Some Techno songs are good. It’s a Trail and Error thing to get a good Marvel Mix.

Just about any custom color scheme is cool; but to me that’s sorta negligible to the game experience. For me, its all about the music and finding songs that fits the stages, the actions and the mood. Like Gouki 10 said, it really is trial and error.

For my music, I use, well, video game music. Like for the ice stage, I’d pick something “icy”. Its hard to place into words…just don’t use rap or silly music like that. IMO, it just doesn’t fit at all. Sometimes Rock will work, though.

I’ll get matches of me posted on my youtube account by next month, hopefully. You guys can make fun of my gay soundtrack then. :rofl:

That’s what I’m talking about. I mean, at the same time I go out of my way to research and become better at Marvel, I sometimes forget that this is a game and the point of games is to have fun.

Nice vids. :slight_smile: Some of the play is decent.

Yeah I know, youtube degrades the video quality. I am still working out the colors to get them better. I like that song you mentioned (‘Runnin’), I usually go with rock and or trance/techno for Marvel mixes. Some say songs with words aren’t good for custom mixes, but I like them.

This is the track listing for my newest Marvel mix:

Opening—> Puffy,Biggie, Busta-Victory
Select Your Heroes—> X - Men Theme Song (Cartoon)

Ruby Heart’s Airship—> Me & My-Fly High
Southern Sunset—> Dj Loopy- Toot it up
The Factory—> E.S. Posthumus- Pompeii
Carnival Nights—> Ayumi - Evolution
Chinese Bridge Stage—> Matrix- Mona Lisa Overdrive
The Cave—> Classical Insanity
Clock Tower—> DJ Tiesto- Cyberia
The River—> DJ Encore- I see right through to you

My training mode mix has over 2 hours of music and I made it using windows sound recorder.

Yeah I am going to use the frosty remix of that Megaman 8 song for the ice stage in my next mix.

Anyone else?

I’ll be getting matches of me up soon, so I’ll post links then…

The hispanics on Youtube also have some interesting mixes. This one guy used the middle boss battle theme from Grandia 3 for the Desert stage. It was freakin awesome. I was so busy shaking my ass I forgot to watch the match.

Alright cool.

Are you talking about the guys on youtube who live in Puerto Rico? They have some great colors for the characters and nice music too :rock:

Yeah, here are some links to the matches:




Man, I’m pissed Frodo lost his match, I liked his BB Hood and Ice Man. He was, like, the only low-tier user in the tourney, except for this guy that used Guile along with Storm and CapCom.

My nigga, you still playin the Crack despite the busy life? Good Shit!! Come see me whenever you can, you know where I’m at!!