Custom Cab Panel Qusetion

ok so i bought this cab

mine is that cab only mine has the snk 4 button layout and im in desperate need of a 2 player 6 button layout. Problem is the 6 button layout in the pic is way to small and crowded for 2 players to sit comfortably and i was wondering if anyone on here could make me a custom panel that i could mount on my cab and that would fit seimitsu ls-32 sticks and sanwa obsf 30mm buttons. i’ll gladly pay the cost. i was thinking of something similar to this panel only with a japanese 6 button layout and none of that other stuff. anyone who can help please post here or pm me

Thats a pretty tough request. I would just try out the 2player panel. Its not that crowded in my opinion. Its gonna be really expensive and probably depreciate the value of your cab.

You may want to try: or

I have a two player setup on my candy cab, its not nearly as crowded as some sf machines ive played in the past.

well i dont really mind if it depreciates the value of the cab i just wanna be able to play comfortably, and i would settle if i could fit something like an astro city or egret 2 panel on there